VW Beetle Electric Ride on Cars

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We all loved the classic film Herbie so why not let your children ride around in a classic VW Beetle ride on car! Our 12v VW Beetle ride on car comes in white and pink and is fitted with original features to make it feel just like the real thing. Fitted with realistic opening doors, front and rear lights, in-car sounds and a built-in music player, your little ones will love zipping around a safe space in their new electric ride on car.

Are A Kids Ride On Volkswagen Beetle Safe?

To ensure you have complete peace of mind, all of our kids ride on cars come with a built in safety belt and parental remote control that allows parental control over your kids ride on electric car. Full parental supervision is advised at all times when your child is using their ride on VW Beetle.

What Age Are A Kids Ride On VW Beetle Suitable For?

Our kids’ electric ride on VW Beetle is suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years old who want to enjoy playing with this classic car.

Where Can A Kids Ride On Volkswagen Beetle Be Used?

Even though our electric ride on VW Beetle looks just like the real thing, it should not be driven on real roads or rougher surfaces. Instead, they are best suited for playing on flat lawns, private driveways and other flat surfaces within the home to ensure your child is kept safe while playing. We would also recommend full adult supervision while your child is playing with their new electric car. Looking for an exciting birthday present or bank holiday play treat for your little one? Aside from our ride on Volkswagen Beetles we also have an extensive catalogue of other kids ride on cars and vehicles to choose from including kids electric ride on tractorsFerrari ride on cars or even kids ride on aeroplanes.