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Land Rover / Range Rover Ride on

The Range Rover Electric Ride On Car Makes a Unique GiftIf you need to find the perfect gift for a child of aged three years old to six years old, but don’t want to buy the usual books, clothing, or toys that they already have, a Range Rover electric ride on car is a unique gift idea that will be sure to delight. Its available in the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover HSE models.

This is a gift that everyone can enjoy. The young child gets to sit in the vehicle, while the parent uses the remote control to move the car around the yard or driveway. The parent can take some cute photos while their child is having fun “driving”. Parents may even be tempted to steal this toy from their kids! There’s no need to have a child inside, as it runs with the operation of a remote control. It’s just like playing with an R/C miniature vehicle, only bigger. There are ten different Range Rover electric ride on cars to choose from on the Electric Ride On Cars site. All vehicles are hoodless, range rover style. There are a few different colour options, from white, to black, pink, red, and orange.
The Range Rover Evoque ride on is one of the most popular in the line. This is a premium model of mini vehicle. The Evoque comes in the same variety of colours. Most of the vehicles in the Range Rover ride on series run on a 12 volt electric rechargeable battery. Each SUV is powered by twin motors. These vehicles have four wheels, just like a real SUV. The SUVs have real running lights, a horn, and car sounds, to maintain as much realism as possible. All vehicles, including the Range Rover Evoque ride ons have doors that really open, and light up dashboards with voltage display so you can see how much power is left.
The speed runs at 3-5Km/Hr to keep your kids safe. The maximum amount of weight is 40 kg. When you’re viewing these vehicles to buy as a gift, you may be wondering why they can’t be as affordable in adult-size. The kids’ Range Rover ride ons vary from £79.99 to £199.99 in price. Before buying ride on vehicles for your kids do check the age range. The neat thing about the Range Rover ride ons is that since they’re a bit larger, they suit kids from ages three and up to aged five. This means that your kids are going to get another full year of use out of the Range Rover Evoque ride on, as most of the other ride on cars are only good up to age five.
In your delivery, you’ll receive everything you need in the box. You’ll need to do a minor amount of assembly, but there is a manual included in the box. It can be tempting to keep the Range Rover Evoque ride on for yourself after you’ve fully assembled it for your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew, but you’ll certainly enjoy the surprise on their face!

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