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Mercedes, now officially known as Mercedes-Benz, is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of luxury cars and has been ever since it was first founded in 1926 but had previously been known under the names Daimler and Benz which are jointly, widely regarded as being the first manufacturers of gasoline-powered vehicles.

Today owning a Mercedes Benz is known as somewhat of a status symbol, acknowledging its ranking in the luxury automobile market
The feeling of owning nothing but the best can now be shared with your children when you buy them a Ride on Mercedes car either modeled after the G63 or the GLK. Although for many years specializing in only luxury cars, Mercedes have now for several years entered into the SUV market and the G in their model names, which stands for “Geländewagen” and means Off-Road Vehicle, signifies being regarded as an SUV style vehicle. The Mercedes slogan "the best or nothing" is considered today to represent its SUVs as well as its luxury cars as the technology is equally of as high standard.
The Mercedes ride on cars are powered by 12v battery as opposed to gasoline or diesel, for one to carry the Mercedes name, it must be engineered to the highest possible standards, standards which have become expected from any vehicle displaying the three pointed star in a circle logo which has been used since the early 2000s.
These Mercedes ride on cars are supplied to many wholesalers and retailers throughout the UK via the website however, it is also possible to order individual cars from the same website and in doing so, receive some significant discounts.
For more information visit the website or contact the company by email or by phone
Although in the past some parents have thought that drive on cars for toddlers aged up to 6 years of age could be dangerous due to them slowly racing at speeds of up to 3mph with no parental control, these newer models are totally safe as they come with remote controls allowing parents to take control of the car should the need arise. For further safety, these ride on cars are also fitted with seat belts suitable for 3 to 6 year olds, allowing the children to have fun whilst remaining perfectly safe under a parent’s watchful eye.
Let you child enjoy the ride on car knowing it has been licensed by Mercedes, enhanced safety features, these cars for children also have fully opening doors, lights and make authentic sounds such as horn and engine. With these enhanced features, children can easily imagine themselves driving on roads under differing conditions and as the parent has overall control, they can add to the experience by teaching the children the correct times to stop, wait and turn, preparing the children for later years when they will get behind the wheel of a real gasoline or diesel powered vehicle.
As well as learning driving techniques and perhaps driving etiquette, the children may also learn from an early age the feel of what it is like to sit behind an emblem for a product which has a distinguished