Spare parts for Electirc Ride On Cars

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Spare Parts

Spare Parts for Electric Ride On Cars

Grab the spare parts to fix your electric ride on cars, Whenever we buy electronic products from the market the immediate thought that crosses our minds is about its maintenance, or normally the question comes, for how long it will work? Do they provide spare parts? Batteries or motor can be replaced or not?

Spare Batteries for Electric Ride on Cars

When it comes to buying expensive electronic toys the major issue that comes in our minds is of their quality and the type of battery it has in it. Batteries are something that can prove to be excellent or worst when it comes to electronic toys. Kids playing with the toys don’t really bother to recharge the battery or to give it a rest instead they use it continuously for hours. It can be frustrating when you come to know that the expensive toy you have bought would not work after a week or two. Here is the solution to your problems provided by “Electric Ride On Cars”. They have thought for every consequence before building their product and launching it in the market. In case the product you have bought accidentally doesn’t work for too long or something happens to its battery so it doesn’t get wasted. You can always replace the old battery with the new one. Yes! You heard it right; you can shop a new battery anytime from “Electric Ride On Cars”.


    • Electric Ride On Cars provides a 12V-7ah Battery that can not only be used in electronic toy cars but also in power boats and alarms etc.
    • This 12Volts battery is rechargeable.
    • The normal dimensions of the battery compartment are 15cm x 6.4cm x 9cm.
    • Always remember to compare the measurements of the new battery with the existing one.
    • Keep in mind the precautions you need to take before disposing off the old battery as it can explode due to fires. Do not disassemble

Spare Motor Gearbox for Electric Ride on Cars

The second thing is, they have not only provided you the battery but they have also kept in mind about other spare parts. For instance, if the motor doesn’t co-operate because your kid has driven it for too long and forgot to switch it off or any mishap has happened, you can always get a new Motor Gear Box.


  • The Motor Gearbox has the voltage of 12Volts.
  • Its speed is 22000 RPM.
  • It is usually black in color. 

Dimensions include; 19cm length, 9.3cm width, and 3.5cm shank.

Battery Charges for Electric Ride on Cars

There is a huge problem with chargers around the globe, whether it be a charger of any battery, any electronic toy or a mobile phone, there is always something happens with their pins due to mishandling or it sometimes it doesn’t co-operate with your home electrical system and results in burning up etc.

Electric Ride On Cars have kept this thing in mind that the electric toy you buy doesn’t go waste due to any reason. You can always shop from them the charger suitable for your product. They have highly efficient chargers for charging 12Volts battery. Basically, you don’t need to worry about the availability of spare parts for an electronic toy car.


  • The charger provided will work for 12V 1000mA electric ride-on toy cars.
  • It uses a round type pin connector.
  • The technical details include Input that is 240VAC 50Hz and Output that is 12VDC 1000mA.

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