Porsche Toddler Ride on Cars

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Porsches are among some of the coolest and most iconic sports cars in the world, so it’s no surprise that they’re hugely popular amongst little ones who want to get their hands on their own ride on car. However, if they’re a little too young for an electric ride on Porsche, then why not check out our range of foot to floor Porsche cars, including the famous 911, available in both red and white? Foot to floor models are much easier and safer to operate and are just like scaled-down versions of the real thing, meaning they’ll be the envy of all their friends.

Are ride on cars safe?

Manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that kids electric cars, like any other toy, are perfectly safe to use. In the case of foot to floor ride on cars, these are much safer than their electric counterparts, as they move a lot slower and are well balanced to ensure that they shouldn’t have any accidents.

What ages are these ride on cars suitable for?

Foot to floor ride on cars such as these are generally designed for younger children and toddlers, not only because they’re safer and easier to use, but also because they may be unsafe when used for older children. When it comes to our Porsche foot to floor ride on cars, these are toddler ride on cars and are recommended only to be used by children aged two and above, with a maximum weight limit of 20kg too.

Where can Porsche foot to floor ride on cars be used?

We recommend that these ride on cars aren’t used on real road and pavements and instead, are only to be used on flat and stable ground such as grass or paving, either in your back garden or driveway.