4 Reasons why we love kids electric scooters

At Electric Ride on Cars, we absolutely love our collection of electric scooters. We’re so happy with them, in fact, that we want to tell you all about why they’re so great. From the impact on the environment, through to the added freedom they give your kids in their play, we’ve put together all the reasons we love kids electric scooters.

1. Electric scooters for kids give them more freedom

A scooter is one of the best toys you could invest in for your children. Not only are they fun to play with, but they give them so much more freedom than many other toys. While we think that electric ride on cars are great too, we can’t deny the additional freedom that an electric scooter can provide. As you can take them almost anywhere, your kids can use them for whizzing around and getting from A to B with ease.

2. They’re great for the environment

Sure, your kids aren’t likely to be doing a commute to a 9-5 in a car just yet, but these electric ride-on scooters make an excellent alternative to a bike for when your kids need to get around. Both are excellent green options, but a kids electric scooter means you haven’t got to worry about your kids fitness levels when they’re moving around. They’re a great way for your kids to get to and from schools without having to jump in the car or get the bus. An electric scooter’s emissions are super low, and instilling a good habit like this in your child while they’re still young can only be a good thing in later life.

3. A kids electric scooter is super compact

An electric scooter is a great option for your kids and one of the things we love about them is how compact they are. Their compact designs make them perfect for storing somewhere in your house without them getting in the way. Plus, you’ll not struggle to put a scooter in your car when you’re going to the park or on holiday. Where a bike may need a whole extra rack for your car, an electric scooter can generally fit into most cars. Plus, you don’t have to worry about chaining your kids electric scooters up when you’re out and about, as their convenient design means you can take them inside with you.

4. Teach your kids balance with an electric scooter

Any kind of scooter is great for teaching your kids added balance, but an electric scooter is specifically designed to offer added balance at slightly faster speeds. Using an electric scooter is good for helping kids build up their core strength and their overall balance. What better way to add a little exercise into your kids’ play?

Buy an electric ride-on scooter for your kids today

We have a full range of kids electric scooters available, so you can fall in love with them as much as we have. Many of the reasons we listed above are just as true for adult electric scooters too, and we’ve got a full selection of those available as well.