Driving in adverse weather during autumn and winter

Ride-on electric cars make great gifts for autumn birthdays and excellent Christmas gifts for kids of all ages – just check the product description for age and height guidelines.

Naturally your little petrolhead will want to take their new wheels out for a spin, so if you’re giving an electric ride-on car as a gift this autumn-winter, here are our top tips for safer driving.

1. Parental supervision

It goes without saying that parental supervision at all times will help to keep your child safe.

Electric ride-on cars are designed for toddlers and up, and make great toys for a 3 year old or a 10 year old alike, but it’s always good to have a grown-up looking on just in case.

2. Safety first

Seat belts are common as standard on ride-on electric cars, and they’re there for a reason.

Make sure your little one belts up every time they drive their car – it not only keeps them safe on rough terrain, but it’s a useful life lesson for when they have a ‘real’ car when they are older.

3. All terrain ride-on cars

Our kids’ electric 4x4s and ride-on electric SUVs are built for rugged terrain, making it even easier to enjoy driving them in autumn and winter.

From rugged tyres that offer better grip on fallen leaves and wet ground, to powerful engines that can handle wet grass and softer surfaces, they make superb Christmas gifts for kids in rural areas or if you’re planning to hit the park to try out their new toy.

4. Remote control

Parental remote controls are another standard feature, so keep the batteries fresh and you’ll be able to step in and take over the steering if necessary.

Ride-on cars for kids have a max speed of a few kph so a skid or spin-out is unlikely to be too dramatic, but the remote control means you can always steer them away from any puddles or icy patches they haven’t spotted.

5. Safe and seen

Last but by no means least, realistic ride-on cars have many of the same features as their full-sized versions – often including working LED headlights.

Again, this helps to make electric ride-on SUVs and mini 4x4s excellent autumn birthday gifts for kids as the lights help to keep them visible to you and any passers-by on darker autumn and winter evenings, or on a dark morning ‘drive’ to school.