Driving Kids Electric Cars During Autumn & Winter

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Kids electric cars make great gifts for autumn birthdays and excellent Christmas gifts for kids of all ages! Naturally, your little one will want to take their new kids ride on car out for a spin as soon as they get it.

However, even though the weather isn’t always glorious sunshine, that doesn’t mean kids can’t play with their favourite toys all year round. If you’re planning on giving an electric ride on car as a gift this autumn or winter, here are our top tips for safer driving.

How to drive a kids electric car in adverse weather

Electric ride on cars are the ideal gift for any little ones, especially those who love to spend time exploring the outdoors. They’re fun to drive around and help to build their coordination and motor skills. 

Learning how to drive a ride on car is an exciting task. But, it’s important to show your little one how to navigate during all weather conditions. 

Below we’ve provided some of our top tips on how to drive a kids electric car during the autumn and winter months. 

1. Parental supervision

It goes without saying that parental supervision at all times will help to keep your child safe. Whenever your kid uses a ride on toy, make sure you keep an eye on them. This makes it easy for you to help them learn to drive and stay safe while they’re playing, especially during colder or darker months. 

Electric ride on cars are designed for toddlers and up, and make great toys for a 3-year-old or a 10-year-old alike. But it’s always good to have a grown-up looking on just in case!

2. Put safety first

Seat belts are common as standard for kids ride on cars, and they’re there for a reason. Make sure your little one belts up every time they drive their car – it not only keeps them safe, but it’s a useful life lesson for when they have a ‘real’ car when they are older.

3. Choose a remote control ride on car

Children’s electric cars with remote controls are another option which is great if you want to give your little one a helping hand to drive. Make sure you keep the batteries fresh and you’ll be able to step in and take over the steering if necessary. 

Ride on cars for kids have a max speed of a few kph so a skid or spin-out is unlikely to be too dramatic. But the remote control means you can always steer them away from any bumps, puddles or icy patches they haven’t spotted!

4. Buy an all-terrain ride on car

Our kids electric buggies & UTVs are built for rugged terrain, making them a great choice for older children who love adventure. From strong tyres that offer better grip on fallen leaves and wet ground to powerful engines that can handle wet grass and softer surfaces, they make superb Christmas gifts for kids in rural areas or with private land to play on.

5. Make sure they’re visible 

Last but by no means least, realistic ride on cars have many of the same features as their full-sized versions and will often include working LED headlights. 

The working lights on these cars help to keep little ones visible to you and any passers-by on darker autumn and winter evenings. They’re also great for providing more vision for the driver. 

Can you use an electric ride on car in the rain? 

It’s best to avoid allowing a kids electric car to get wet. Whilst the exterior of the cars are typically made from plastic and are of a high quality, there are parts inside the vehicle which could be damaged by water.

If your kids electric car is out in the rain, water may get inside the car and this could damage the battery or other electrical components. Because of this, it’s best not to use your little one’s electric car in the rain or snow. 

Can kids electric cars be stored outside?

The best place to store an electric ride on car is indoors. This makes sure that the toy car is safe at all times and protects it from wet or cold weather. 

Rain or snow can damage a kids toy car if it gets inside the vehicle. Moisture over time can corrode some components and damage the battery, causing you to look for replacement spare parts

If you do need to store a kids electric car outside, make sure it’s protected with a kids electric car cover

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