What to do if you just received your ride on car and it doesn’t work?

If your ride-on car isn’t working immediately, don’t worry; often, the issue is minor and easily fixable. Follow these troubleshooting steps to ensure your ride-on toy operates seamlessly:

  1. Unboxing and Parts Check:
    • Before assembling the car, unpack everything and ensure you have all the necessary parts. Retain the box in case of any issues, as it will be needed for courier collections. Failed collections may result in additional charges.
  2. Assembly Check:
    • After assembling the car, inspect it for loose wires, particularly under the seat or bonnet areas. Securely connect any loose wires to ensure proper functionality.
  3. Battery Wire Connection:
    • Connect one of the battery wires (remove any protective covers if present). Use pliers if necessary to crimp connectors securely. For safety reasons, we cannot send toys with both battery wires connected.
  4. Charging Safety:
    • Disconnect the charger before operating the toy. While charging, the charger may warm up after a few hours, indicating proper functionality.
  5. Mode Selection:
    • Ensure you’ve selected the correct mode – manual or remote – before operation.
  6. Reverse Movement Fix:
    • If the car moves backwards when it should go forward, swap the motor wires to correct the direction.
  7. Sluggish Movement Causes:
    • Slow or sluggish movement may be due to overloading. Check if the toy exceeds the weight limit, encounters challenging terrains, or faces a combination of conditions. These toys are designed for flat surfaces like pavement or tarmac.
  8. Floating Motors Reminder:
    • Note that these toys have ‘Floating Motors,’ requiring no screws for fastening. Motors simply push into place.
  9. Battery Maintenance:
    • Over time, the toy’s battery charge diminishes. Charge the toy regularly to maintain battery health. For long periods of non-use, charge the batteries monthly to ensure proper function.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can address common issues and maintain optimal performance for your ride-on toy. Regular maintenance and care will ensure hours of enjoyment for your child.

If you have done all the above checks and are still having issues, contact us.

Please Include your order number and the name of the order was placed under so we can easily find your order details. Please also provide any answers to the above questions you can and, if possible, a photo of the wiring inside the car.

Someone from our customer service will get back to you as soon as possible. We aim to answer all emails as quickly as possible, and the more information you can provide, the quicker we can help.

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