5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Kids Electric Car

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Our exclusive guide on how to properly maintain your kid’s electric car is here. Today, we are discussing 5 ways you can make your children’s ride-on toy last longer. Buckle up and enjoy the read!

Let’s face it; children simply love electric ride on cars and they cannot get enough of them. Electric ride-on cars are more than just toys; they’re portals to a make-believe world full of fun, smiles, and adventure.

Kid’s electric cars are designed to be safe and durable. But that doesn’t mean that wear and tear do not take its toll on them. Sleek and sturdy as your kids electric car is, you still need to maintain it and store it properly if you want it in good shape.

Here are 5 easy tips on how to maintain your kids electric car:

1) Go Through the Instruction Manual

Say, your child has settled for the perfect electric ride on car. It’s sleek and elegant with a glossy paint coat but what next? We bet your child wants to just climb inside and take it for a spin but STOP.

Before you begin assembling the car or your child takes it for a ride, it is important for you to educate yourself on kids ride-on cars.

Always start by reading the instruction manual that comes with the toy package. That way, you can understand how to set your toy up and use it safely. Once you have understood the do’s and donts, explain them to your little one in simple terms.

Tell your child how the car works and set some basic rules for its usage. The point is to make your child feel like they are equal parties in the car adventure.

2) Wheel Maintenance is Crucial

Begin your routine maintenance check with the wheels. Inspect the wheels and check for signs of wear and tear. With all kids ride on cars, wheels are the first part to get damaged.

Wheels are designed to withstand pressure but most electric ride on cars should be driven on smooth surfaces. Wheel damage occurs when children drive on rough terrain, in high grass or wet ground.

To make sure that your kids continue enjoying comfortable and safe rides on their new electric car, check the condition of the wheels and oil them on a regular basis. Ensure that the vehicle is balanced and the tyres are in prime condition. If they aren’t, don’t take any risks and replace them with new ones.

Cleaning rims and wheels routinely prevents dust, dirt, and rust from accumulating on them. In order to clean the wheel rims, dip a damp cloth in water and wipe them gently until all stains disappear.

3) Take Care of the Battery

When it comes to kids’ electric cars, batteries are the one component you should be extra careful with. Most electric ride on cars are battery-powered, so if the battery stops working so does the toy car – and that means tears and tantrums.

So how do you make your batteries last longer? It’s not that difficult. All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines and stick to the exact battery charging time. Undercharging or overcharging can damage your car batteries and shorten their lives, so avoid doing that.

In case you have to replace your car batteries with new ones, make sure you are picking batteries that are compatible with your toy car. If your electric ride on car is not going to be in use for a long time, unplug the batteries before stowing it away to avoid battery corrosion.

4) Clean the Car Regularly

Clean the car regularly – or better yet teach your children to clean it with a damp cloth after every drive. That way, you can teach your children how to responsibly care for their belongings.

You can set up a cleaning cabinet, stock it up with all the necessary supplies and show your child how to properly wipe their new electric ride on toy clean. Establishing a post-playtime car cleaning routine is also a great idea.

Also, tell your child that if they want their new car to look stunning and new, they should avoid scratching its body at any cost. Scratches can cause the body paint to peel. Also, avoid putting any stickers on the car since they can also damage its paint coat.

5) Store it Properly

Storing your electric ride on car properly is important if you want it in good shape. When your kids’ electric car is not in use, cover it with a canvas or a sheet to prevent dust from settling on it.

You should store your kids electric car indoors, especially during wet weather. Identify an appropriate storage space in your house. Make sure it is big enough to move your car in or out safely.


Good Luck!