An Age-By-Age Guide to Buying Kids Ride On Cars

Kids ride on cars are an absolute delight for children of all ages. Whether it is a simple balance bike, a self-propelled foot to floor ride on or a thundering jeep with massive wheels, odds are your little driver would eventually fall in love with their new outdoor toy!

But with so many glossy models and designs available, selecting an age-appropriate and safe ride on toy for your little aspiring driver can become a truly overwhelming task.

If you’re considering buying a ride on toy for your baby, you have landed at the right spot! Read our age-by-age guide to buying kids ride on cars  to choose the perfect toy for your child.

Let’s dive right in!

Age 0-2

Babies in this age group are still developing their motor skills and sense of balance – and that makes them vulnerable to tumbling and falling.

That’s why you should be extra careful when picking a ride on toy for very young children. The toy you pick should have added safety features. If you’re picking an electric ride on car, a powerful parental remote-control system is a must.

For very young children, we recommend simple and manual ride on toys such as balance bikes  and foot to floor ride-ons. Balance bikes can help your baby develop their balance while foot to floor ride ons are great for your baby’s motor skills.

Foot to floor ride ons, as the name suggests, need to be pushed forward using feet so they’re a brilliant option if you want your young one to get sufficient physical activity during playtime.

Age 3-5

Have a toddler at your hands? That’s good news if you’re shopping for a kids electric car. By the age of 3, most children have developed the motor skills, balance, coordination, and reflexes required for handling an electric ride on car.

If your child is in this age range, they’re filled with an urge to wander, ask curious questions and find out more about how the world works so encouraging them to explore the outdoors in an electric ride on car is an amazing idea.

Toddlers are observant too so aesthetics matter when you go car shopping! Pick a vehicle with detailed bodywork, a glossy and vibrant paint coat and added security features such as seat belts and parental remote-control system.

Electric ride on cars for children aged 3 and up  have various inbuilt features that can keep your baby engaged throughout their drive. Opt for a vehicle with realistic engine sounds, working headlights and MP3 slots for additional fun!

Keep in mind that children this age can handle cars that speed up moderately. Cap the speed limit to be on the safe side. To do that, pick a 12 v vehicle with a top speed of 5 km/h.

You may also want to consider a kid’s electric ride on car with parental remote control, which gives the added advantage of being able to control the speed and steering so your child can enjoy the ride on car with all of the satisfaction of knowing they’re safe.

Age 5-8

Preschoolers are a powerhouse of excess energy and excitement. Their motor skills are significantly developed, and they can easily navigate. That’s why children aged 5-8 can easily man a more advanced ride on car.

In fact, if you’re selecting a kids electric car for this age group, make sure you pick one that offers a realistic experience. That’s why we recommend popular licensed vehicles such as Jaguar, Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini ride on cars.

Pick a car with a range of inbuilt features such as headlights, display board, MP3 ports and realistic engine sounds. Kids aged 5 and above can easily maneuver heavier vehicles. If your little one is adventurous and great at driving, you can even go for a jeep!

We recommend you pick a vehicle with a dual motor system for this age bracket. Twin motors allow for more horsepower and multiple gear options, which provide a more life-like driving experience to your baby.

Age 8 +

Your child is all ready and set for a bigger, more realistic and powerful electric ride on car. If you have a child aged 8 +, you can go all out on those gorgeous 4×4’s, SUVs and even quads!

Electric ride on cars designed for this age bracket are often more detailed and real-looking, with most models looking like a mini version of the real deal!  They’re also more powerful and can be driven on a range of terrains including grassy plots, roads, and pavements.

For children aged 8 and above, we recommend a powerful 24 v battery vehicle with twin motors and multiple gear options. Make sure the car you pick has proper rubber tyres that provide enough traction.

If your baby is social and enjoys playing with other children, you may also want to consider a 2-seater model with enough room for two little travelers!

Good luck!