The Best Dirt Bikes For Kids in 2022

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Children of all ages love electric dirt bikes for kids. They’re a fun and wonderful way to explore safely and run little chores. Watching your child act like an adult and develop their fine motor skills, learn about safety, and assume responsibility is one of the best experiences for parents.

Besides, kids ride on toys such as dirt bikes motivate your babies to go outdoors and explore (which is great in the era of gadgets like cell phones and tabs). They’re also important for your child’s mental health and development. 

If you’re on the lookout for the most exciting dirt bikes for kids, you’re in luck! Our experts have reviewed the very best dirt bikes for kids, considering everything from their features and quality to overall value.

Why are kids dirt bikes a great toy for children?

We all know children love exploring the outdoors and having fun, and kids bikes are a great way of encouraging them to develop their knowledge and skills. Kids dirt bikes are compact in shape and lightweight. They are designed to develop your child’s sense of balance and refine their motor skills. 

Dirt bikes are also a great way to teach your child the importance of being environmentally conscious as they don’t use fuel to run and are a zero-emission way to enjoy the outdoors.

The 3 Best Kids Dirt Bikes

1 – Neo Outlaw 800W 36V Mini Kids Dirt Bike

Our top pick is the fantastic Neo Outlaw 800W 36V mini dirt bike! This is an amazing, fast bike for kids to enjoy. With 3-speed settings, your child can get used to riding at slow speeds before increasing the revs. But don’t worry; these speeds can be capped and adjusted by you, so you can ensure your children are safe. 

The Neo Outlaw 800W 36V is equipped with hydraulic front and rear brake discs, which ensure that the vehicle can stop safely. With these safety features in mind, we’d recommend this dirt bike for kids aged 10-12 year olds.

This wonderful dirt bike is a powerful vehicle and is perfect for off-road use, reaching up to 24km/h. It is electrically powered and virtually silent compared to its petrol-fuelled competitors, so your kids won’t cause a nuisance while zooming around.

This fantastic dirt bike comes in four wonderful colours: orange, blue, red, and green. Take your pick and get driving!

2 – 500W Mini Moto Pit Scrambler Dirt Bike

Powerful and gorgeous, the 500W Mini Moto Pit Scrambler Dirt Bike is an ideal pick for adventurous children. The bike comes with a convenient twist and go throttle – and though there is nothing complicated about this chain-driven ride on mini dirt bike, going around on it requires relatively refined motor skills and a well-developed sense of balance. That’s why we highly recommend this bike for children aged 14 and above.

Its powerful 500W motors and long-lasting 36V battery give this vehicle a top speed of 25 km/h, all with a very reasonable battery recharge time of 8-9 hours. The mini dirt bike comes complete with a kickstand, front and rear disc brakes, high-traction rubber tyres and a shock-absorbing suspension system which makes it suitable for a variety of terrains.

We absolutely love the metallic body finish and the vibrant colours this bike comes in. You can go for booming blue, eclectic fuchsia, glossy black or neon green colours. If you want our two cents, we absolutely love black for its grace and contrasting details!

3 – 250W Kids Electric Mini Moto Dirt Bike with Stabilisers

This article would be incomplete without a recommendation for smaller drivers! With a lower maximum speed and attached stabilisers, the Mini Moto 250W dirt bike is perfect for younger ones. This is a brilliant starter dirt bike for kids ages around 8-12 years old. 

With a twist and go throttle (just like a real dirt bike!) and two speed settings, your kids will have the time of their lives playing with their super cool dirt bike. 

There are four colours to choose from: vibrant black, electric green, hot pink, or bright orange. So, something for everyone! 

Plus, the stabilisers are removable, so once your child is confident enough, they can brave the bike without these. Still, we recommend that your child starts off with a lower speed and learns how to control the vehicle before pushing on to the higher speed settings.

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