Celebrity Child Style Report

From North West taking the fashion world by storm to Prince George inspiring us all with his pastel palettes, famous children are hitting the fashion columns more than ever, but who can truly be named the world’s most stylish? 

To discover the most inspirational young celebrity fashion icons, here at Electric Ride on Cars, we’ve created a celebrity child-style report to discover the kids whose style we love the most. 

We’ve looked at fashion-related Google searches and the number of fashion-related articles written about each young celebrity, as well as the engagement the articles received, to determine which celebrity children are the most stylish. 

Most stylish celebrity children

1. North West – 9.87 style rating

The daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian takes the top spot in our list of most stylish celebrity children. The famous Kardashian family member boasts several colourful outfits, at just nine years old. North has a wide variety of different styles and has clearly learned a thing or two from her stylish parents. North also has an incredibly expensive designer bag collection, which includes brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Birkin. 

2. Jaden Smith – 9.53 style rating

Jaden Smith takes second place in our list with a style rating of 9.53. Jaden wears a variety of colourful outfits of a number of different styles. The diversity in Jaden’s outfits is what makes his fashion stand out, and there are no surprises why people are interested in what he is wearing. The son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith was even seen modelling in a Louis Vuitton womenswear launch back in 2016.

3. Princess Charlotte – 9.40 style rating

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second child complete our top three with a style rating of 9.4. Princess Charlotte has a very formal style, mainly consisting of smart dresses or a polo shirt and jumper combination. She is also often seen wearing Ralph Lauren, which appears to be a favourite brand for the royal family to wear.

Most searched for style

The easiest way to look at the styles of celebrity children is through Google. A quick search on Google can give you some quick style inspiration. That’s why we’ve looked at which celebrity children have the most searches, to reveal the most desired style. We looked at four different search terms – their name followed by the word: clothes; outfits; fashion; and style. 

1. Jaden Smith – 132,550 fashion-related Google searches

Jaden Smith tops our list by quite some distance with over 132,550 searches relating to his style and fashion. Jaden has his own clothing line, MSFTSrep, which includes many graphic t-shirts and trousers. 

2. Stormi Webster – 99,480 fashion-related Google searches

Stormi Webster takes second place with almost 100,000 fashion-related Google searches. ‘Stormi Webster outfits’ received the most searches out of any of our search terms, with 82,800 over the last two years. This was almost twice as many as any other searches, with ‘Jaden Smith outfits’ receiving 41,680 searches. 

3. North West – 57,610 fashion-related Google searches

North West completes our top three with 57,610 fashion-related Google searches. ‘North West clothes’ was where half of the total searches came from, receiving 23,860 searches in the last two years. With both of North’s parents being style icons, and both owning their own clothing brands, it’s no surprise that people are interested in what she is wearing.

The most talked about style

Being a celebrity child is naturally going to put you in the public eye. To find out which celebrity children’s dress sense had the press talking, we used BuzzSumo to figure out the number of articles written about the celebrity children on our list. We also looked at the engagement that these articles received to find out whose fashion was grabbing the public’s attention. 

1. North West – 510 article results

North West takes the top spot once again by a country mile, with 510 article results related to her fashion, almost five times more than second place. With Kanye West owning Yeezy, which regularly collaborates with Adidas to make a popular collection of shoes, there are no surprises that people are writing up on North’s fashion, not to mention her mother being Kim Kardashian.

2. Romeo Beckham – 108 article results

Romeo Beckham, footballer for his Dad’s team, Inter Miami CF, takes second place on our list. There is no surprise that the son of David and Victoria Beckham ranks high on this list. The former Spice Girl has got her own clothing line which sells a variety of items, including dresses, shoes, and a number of accessories. When not in his team colours of pink and black, Romeo stays up to date with the current fashion trends and is certainly no stranger to a designer brand or two. 

3. Jaden Smith – 93 article results

Jaden Smith completes our top three with 93 articles written about his fashion. Jaden’s vibrant style has not only grabbed the attention of the public, but also Vogue, where he has been featured a number of times. 

The celebrity children whose style we want to read about the most  

1. North West – 223,319 article engagement

To no one’s surprise, North West takes the top spot again which is to be expected considering how many articles have been written about her. As well as her Dad, North’s mum, Kim Kardashian, also has her own clothing brand, SKIMS, which predominantly sells shapewear and underwear. SKIMS also sells dresses and loungewear. 

2. Princess Charlotte – 188,047 article engagement

Princess Charlotte takes second place with a huge amount of engagement for articles written about her fashion. Princess Charlotte has more article engagement than her two brothers combined. The majority of her huge amount of article engagement came from her outfits, which received 107,852 total engagement from the 41 articles. 

3. Prince Louis – 72,202 article engagement

Another royal family member completes our top three, with Princess Charlotte’s younger brother taking the third spot. Prince Louis enters our top three for the first time with 72,202 total engagement from the 74 articles written about him. The four-year-old has a similar style to his siblings, smart and casual. Prince Louis has also been pictured wearing the exact outfit that Prince Harry was seen wearing when he was a similar age. 


We compiled our original list from three different sources. Essence, Cafe Mom, and the Daily Mail.

After finding our original list, we used Google search data to find how many times over the last two years the terms were searched. Our fashion-related searches were the celebrity child’s name followed by the terms ‘clothes’, ‘outfits’, ‘fashion’, and ‘style’. For example ‘North West clothes’.

We then used BuzzSumo to find the number of fashion-related articles written about our list of celebrity children over the last 12 months. We also looked at the total engagement these articles received. In order to find fashion-related articles, we used the same search terms as we did for the Google search data: clothes; outfits; fashion; style. 

Using all of this data, we created a normalised score out of 10 for each factor, before creating an average overall score to reveal which child celebrity was the most stylish.