6 Reasons You Should Consider Owning An Electric Ride On Scooter

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Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why! With their sleek designs, safe but fast top speeds, endless capabilities, practicalities, and fantastic choice of colours, they’re an absolute hit. And let’s face it, they’re pretty damn cool. 

If you’re sat thinking that these scooters are designed solely for kids, you’d be very, very wrong. Electric Ride On Cars offer a great range of kids electric scooters but we didn’t stop there! We also have an insane range of adult electric scooters

So, if you’re still wondering whether to grab yourself an electric scooter, then this guide is for you. We’ve put together some of the best reasons why you should consider owning an electric scooter below.

1. They’re a lot of fun

Sure, we’ll get to the many practical reasons why owning an electric ride on scooter is a fantastic idea. But the bottom line is owning an e-scooter is incredibly fun! 

Cruising around on an electric scooter is just a whole load of fun. There’s nothing quite like accelerating on the back of an electric scooter on a summer evening.

2. Electric scooters are better for the environment

As you can probably guess from the name, electric scooters are powered by, you guessed it, electricity! Typically fitted with a lithium battery that charges in under 9 hours, each charge gives you a generous number of KMs, usually up to around 65km. 

This makes them an incredibly eco-friendly way to travel. When electric scooters are legalised for use on public roads, it could be worth considering changing up your commute to an electric scooter. Never worry about tackling a big hill on your kids bike, polluting the environment in your car, or packing yourself in with hundreds of others on the train or bus again!

3. They’re super practical and easy to store

Adult electric scooters are super-compact, making them practical to use, transport, and store. With a sleek design, you’ll find that a foldable electric scooter can easily be stored somewhere convenient at home.

Unlike bicycles for kids, they can be bought inside rather than chained up somewhere. Plus, you can store it easily in the back of a car without a rack! You are free to travel in style with ease.

4. Electric ride on scooters are safe

An electric scooter is just as safe to ride as an ordinary bike. Their top speeds make it very unlikely that you’ll ever lose control. As long as you’re sensible and wear safety equipment like a helmet, they’re an incredibly safe way to travel around. 

You can choose electric scooters with seats if you’re worried about standing up for long periods. Plus, if you’re worried about whether e-scooters are legal, check out our guide to put your mind at ease!

5. An electric scooter is fantastic value for money

As a method of transport, an electric scooter is a great investment. E-scooters are currently not legal to drive on public roads in the UK. However, the policy may change in 2022, allowing them to be used as transport. 

When compared to the cost of a car or even a bike, you’ll find some great deals to have – especially when you think about how practical it is. Unlike a car, for instance, it won’t need fuel. 

Repairing your electric scooter regularly means you won’t have to spend much on keeping it fit for purpose. With such a low price point, they’re a great choice for someone looking for a fun alternative to a bike!

6. They’re not just for kids!

As we mentioned at the start of this article, electric scooters aren’t just for kids! View our complete range of adult electric scooters to find the perfect scooter for you. Mix up your commute with an electric scooter, and you’ll never look back! 

Find the perfect electric scooter for your little one

So, to sum up, with so many reasons to own an electric scooter, it’s surprising you don’t already own one in every colour! They are incredibly fun, eco-friendly, affordable, easy to store, and bottom line… they’re cool! 

Take a look at our electric scooter guide to find the perfect kids or adults electric scooter. We also have electric scooters for boys, the best electric scooters for kids and electric scooters for girls available to choose from.