Hop on back to school with Electric Ride-on!

If you drive any of the brands listed, forget about matching clothes, match cars instead! Check out our website to discover the perfect make and model match for you.

Work hard. Play hard.

Here at Electric Ride-on Cars, we believe play is just as important as work for a child’s development, and with our exciting range of electric vehicles in a variety of colours to choose from, including SUVs, 4X4s, Scooters, Go Karts and Quad bikes – It will drive their imagination crazy!

As parents what could be better than to see your little ones geared up for their own road trip adventure, whether it’s a rugged off-road expedition in the garden, a glamourous cruise around the house, or even staging a hot pursuit with our electric ride-on police cars – the possibilities are endless.

So, whilst play is at the heart of our business, we can surprisingly teach important skills that may come in handy for the future along the way.

How you may ask?

Well, for their first car, children get the chance to enhance their level of coordination, direction, and judgement when driving. This helps to fuel their creative juices, whilst also set early motor-skills into motion.

Secondly, the recent rise in electric cars manufactured, and the ever-increasing awareness of the dangers of pollution have led to cleaner, more environmentally friendly driving.

As a result, a whole new generation can learn to understand the benefits of electric cars. And all you need are batteries and a charger to get your pint-sized vehicle back on the road again.

So, it’s no wonder safety is one of, if not, THE biggest priority when it comes to choosing ride-on cars that have been fully tested and approved for kids and parent’s wellbeing. Each are light and gentle enough to avoid any bumps or injuries.

Plus, all are fitted with top safety features such as seatbelts, parental control via remote, and with a minimum speed of 3mph they’ll be on the go for hours without breaking the speed limits!

If you think your child will love their very own police car to run a riot in, purchase one today from our website using this link! https://electricrideoncars.co.uk/12v-electric-police-ride-on-car-with-parental-remote-control.html