Our foolproof guide to Christmas presents

With fewer and fewer shopping days – and even fewer shopping weekends – left to go in the run-up to Christmas, more of us will be looking to tick off some of those big-ticket items from our Christmas present shopping lists.

If you have kids, the panic might be starting to set in, but don’t worry, because our foolproof guide to Christmas presents for children is here to help you out.

We’re going to look at when people buy Christmas presents for kids, how much to spend on kids’ Christmas presents, and how to choose the best Christmas presents for young children.

When do people shop for Christmas presents for kids?

According to Statista, in 2018 the largest number of people said that they expected to do the bulk of their Christmas gift shopping in November.

More than a third (37%) said that they expected to complete most of their Christmas present shopping before December arrived.

Fewer people are leaving it to the last minute – last year just one in eight people (12%) said they would do most of their Christmas present shopping in the final week before Christmas itself.

In 2019 December 25th falls on a Wednesday, so it’s worth placing orders online for kids’ Christmas presents to be delivered in the previous week, to avoid any last-minute problems on the Monday and on Christmas Eve Tuesday.

How much do people spend on Christmas presents?

Nearly two thirds of people last year said they expected to spend over £300 on Christmas presents in total.

That left 37% spending under £300, nearly as many (31%) spending between £300 and £500, and the rest spending even more according to Statista.

An eighth of people (13%) planned more than £700 of spending on Christmas presents, and it’s a fair bet that many in this category have larger families to buy for, including Christmas gifts for young children.

What to buy kids for Christmas

Electric ride-on cars make an amazing Christmas present for kids who are young enough and small enough to ride them.

If you don’t want to go electric, we also have a great range of balance bikes and foot to floor ride-ons, both of which are powered just by pushing along the floor like a scooter.

Alternatively, for something a bit more rugged with room for a passenger, our larger ride-on SUVs and electric ride-on 4x4s are perfect Christmas gifts for multiple kids.

They suit a wide range of budgets too, with prices from only just over £100 to £300 and above for a top-end model that will really make for a memorable Christmas morning.