How to Have a Stress-Free Christmas

As we approach this wonderful time of year, the pressure to find the perfect presents, cook a crowd-pleasing Christmas dinner and catch up with family members can be exhausting. If you feel overwhelmed by the Christmas holidays, it’s good to take a step back for a minute.

In this guide, we’ll be sharing our top tips on how to have a stress-free Christmas, so you can enjoy the holiday celebrations without feeling weighed down by the hustle and bustle of St Nick!

8 Tips on how to have a stress-free Christmas

Mince pie in hand? George Micheal blasting through the record player? Get your feet up and enjoy Electric Ride On Cars eight tips to having a stress-free, holly, jolly Christmas. 

  1. Buy Christmas gifts early 🎁

Although this may seem obvious, it’s easy to let the days and weeks go by without buying all your gifts. Unless you want to plan ahead and start shopping in the Summer, the best period for buying Kids’ Christmas gifts is from October to mid-December. These months tend to have more sales, like Black Friday toy deals, which can really help ease any financial stress. Our guide on the best Black Friday toy deals for toys and ride on cars should make the process much easier!

The Autumn period should give you enough time to gather everything you need without panicking and feeling overwhelmed on the run-up to Christmas.

  1. Stock up on batteries 🔋✨

This is perhaps a very common Christmas tragedy – not having any batteries for toys. If you want to avoid turning your house upside down just to find two AAs, then we’d suggest stocking up on batteries before the big day. There’s already so much to think about during the stressful Christmas season, so tackling these smaller issues can help you stay calm.

  1. Plan Christmas activities to keep kids busy ⛸

The festive season is great for making happy memories, but energetic kids can cause a lot of Christmas chaos. To reduce holiday stress, why not plan some fun activities that will keep the family busy?

If you’d like to do some outdoor activities, you could go ice skating, go-karting, watch a stage show or hop on a kids’ electric car. These activities don’t always have to be high energy however. Simply putting on a Christmas movie or finding some board games while you carry out other tasks can be just as effective.

Making a few holiday plans with loved ones can help you enjoy December even if you feel stressed.

  1. Make a to-do list 🎅🏻

Christmas time can be very daunting. From getting the house ready with Christmas decorations to organising the family dinner, there’s a lot that needs juggling.

Much like planning ahead, writing a to-do list can help you see exactly what needs doing. You could split your list into different categories, i.e. a shopping list for gifts, food and decorations. This way, you can tackle tasks one at a time and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the holiday rush.

You’ll also feel the stress slip away with every item you tick off.

  1. Stick to a budget ❄️

Christmas is a time for gift-giving, but it can also be a big hit to the wallet. From spending a little extra on a few roast potatoes to buying extravagant gifts, it can be difficult to save during the holiday season. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a Christmas budget before you start spending.

To begin your budget, include your regular spending (like bills, rent, food, etc.) to see how much money you’ll have left over. It’s important to cover the bare essentials before spending on gifts and festive food.

Having a budget can prevent overspending and reduce any financial stress.

  1. Avoid shopping at peak times 🛍

If you don’t manage to buy everything early, that’s okay, you’ve still got time. However, avoid shopping at peak times.

Weekends in December and the week leading up to Christmas Eve can be really busy. These times are when stores tend to be most crowded, and lines are longest. If you’re looking to avoid the rush, it’s best to plan your shopping trips during quieter times, like weekday mornings or early afternoons.

Additionally, consider doing some online shopping as a convenient alternative to avoid the crowds altogether. We’d suggest buying online early, however, just so there’s enough time for your delivery.

  1. Have plenty of supplies 🎄

As well as stocking up on batteries, you’ll also need to check whether you have enough gift-wrapping supplies. We’re talking wrapping paper, scissors, tape, tags, bags, bows – everything you’d need for wrapping presents.

If you’re worried about the cost or you won’t have enough time, some stores may offer free gift wrapping. You could also consider recycling and repurposing materials from previous years to save both time and money.

  1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself 👑

The whole of December can feel like a whirlwind, but it’s good to remember that Christmas is just one day.

While it’s natural to want everything to be perfect, it’s equally important to acknowledge that the true essence of Christmas lies in the cherished moments you share with family and friends. Quality time, laughter, and genuine connections often outweigh elaborate presents or extravagant plans.

Rather than focusing on the pressure to meet unrealistic expectations, embrace the simplicity and warmth of the holiday season. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey and create fond memories with the people you love.

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What is the best way to entertain kids over Christmas?

The best way to entertain kids over Christmas is to plan a mix of fun and engaging activities. Consider organising holiday-themed crafts, film nights, baking sessions, and outdoor adventures (if weather permits). Additionally, involving them in decorating the house can be a great way to bond as a family.

How early should you start preparing for Christmas?

It’s a good idea to prepare for Christmas a few weeks to a month in advance. This should give you enough time to make a checklist (check it twice), shop for gifts and decorations, plan out activities, and ensure everything is in order for a smooth and enjoyable Christmas.

When should you start buying Christmas presents?

We’d suggest starting your Christmas shopping early, ideally around November. Although there’s nothing stopping you from shopping earlier, you may not find as many sales events. Shopping well in advance allows you to select a thoughtful gift while avoiding the rush around Christmas and take advantage of sales like Black Friday, where you can get all the best Black Friday deals for kids toys.

What are the best kids’ presents for Christmas 2023?

To determine the best kids’ presents for Christmas 2023, it’s helpful to keep an eye on emerging trends and popular toys throughout the year.

With huge success at the box office, The “Barbie” movie will undoubtedly influence purchases of dolls, fashion accessories and anything pink, like pink ride on cars. For any superhero-obsessed kids, Spiderman bikes, costumes and other merchandise will also make an appearance.

Remember to consider your child’s interests and preferences when selecting a gift. Pay attention to their favourite characters, hobbies, and activities to choose a present that will bring them joy and excitement on Christmas morning.

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