The Best Electric Ride On Sports Cars Kids Will Love This Christmas

Rev up the excitement this Christmas with a ride on sports car! The holiday season is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to gift your little ones the thrill of a lifetime than with a kids electric car. Imagine the joy on their faces as they zip around the neighbourhood in their very own miniaturised version of a Bugatti, Lamborghini, or even a Mercedes Benz!

At Electric Ride On Cars, we understand that kids have big dreams and even bigger imaginations. That’s why we’ve got a collection of only the most iconic and realistic electric ride on sports cars that are sure to make this Christmas unforgettable. And don’t worry about keeping your little ones waiting – we’ll aim to pick, pack and dispatch your order within 2 working days, so you’ll have your kids ride on car in plenty of time for the big day!

If you want to be super-mum or super-dad on Christmas morning (unless Santa’s still getting all the credit), then keep reading to find the perfect ride on sports car for your young racer!

The best ride on sports cars for kids

From sleek designs to cutting-edge features, our kids’ ride on cars offer more than just fun; they provide an opportunity for kids to experience the excitement of driving in style, all while ensuring safety and your parental peace of mind.

  1. Kids Car Bugatti Divo Ride On Car 12v

Your little one’s sure to turn heads with our blue Bugatti Divo ride on car! This sleek kids’ electric supercar replicates the iconic Bugatti design with astonishing attention to detail, complete with great features like functional LED headlights and a plush leather seat.

Featuring a parental remote control for added safety and a sturdy electric motor, it promises hours of exhilarating adventures while nurturing imaginative play.

Key features: Leather seats, MP3 player, LED headlights/tail lights, working indicators, seatbelt, and a parental remote control option

  1. Kids Lamborghini Veneno 24v Electric Ride-on Car in Pink

This is one for the pink princesses who have a need for speed! The Kids Lamborghini Veneno 24v Electric Ride-on Car in Pink has the same sleek design as the real thing and is finished with the unmistakable Lamborghini logo.

No details have been spared! This limited edition ride on car has 4-wheel suspension, a windscreen, and Lambo opening doors that actually open and close. Your child can sit in the comfortable seat and use the steering wheel to cruise around the garden and down the driveway to their heart’s content!

Key features: 2 seats, Lambo opening doors, parental remote control option, engine sounds, MP4 player, seatbelt, LED headlights/tail lights, and working indicators

  1. Kids McLaren 720s Ride on Car with MP4 TV – Blue

Gift your kids the ultimate thrill this Christmas with the miniature McLaren 720s ride on car with MP4 TV in blue! The electric blue colour is sure to amaze your kid when they unwrap their brand-new sports car. Fair warning: it might even make you want the real deal (although our price is much more reasonable).

This Mclaren ride on car comes with a robust electric motor and a leather seat for added luxury. It even has an MP4 in-car player so your little racecar driver can watch their favourite programmes when they’re not busy whizzing around. Offering hours of entertainment, this ride on sports car will keep kids playing all day long!

Key features: A leather seat, MP4 TV player, USB music socket, LED headlights/tail lights, seatbelt, and a parental remote control option

  1. Kids 24V Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo Kids Electric Car in pink

There’s no doubt your child will stand out from the crowd in their hot pink Lamborghini V12! Lamborghini balances sporty with style with this Gran Turismo concept car, which has both fast and slow speed settings. Your kids can cruise around the neighbourhood or whip around the garden!

Like the miniature McLaren, this model also has a built-in MP4 TV to keep your kids entertained all day. As always, we’ve designed this car with safety in mind. There’s a parental remote control option, a secure seatbelt, and a 4.8 km/h speed limit.

Key features: Parental remote control option, seatbelt, leather seat, MP4 TV, sound effects, forward and reverse gears, noise reduction wheels

  1. Kids Mercedes Maybach Ride on Electric Car in White

This Mercedes Benz Maybach in white is so close to the lifesize version you’d think we somehow shrunk the real thing! We paid meticulous attention to detail, finishing the car with the Mercedes Benz logo, two quilted seats, and a cream-coloured steering wheel.

It has features like a horn, car sounds, working lights, and working doors that open and close. This ride on car also comes with a fully functional remote control, in case your kids can’t reach the accelerator pedal or control the car. 

You can also override driving using the remote, so you never have to worry!

Key features: Seatbelts, parental remote control option, LED headlights/tail lights, engine and horn sounds, and a key start ignition

  1. Kids Lamborghini Huracan Ride on Car with Remote Control

The Lamborghini Huracán Performante ride on car is the perfect mini replica of the real thing. You can grab one in blue or pink and they each have an MP3 audio player so your young driver can play their favourite songs while they drive!

This ride on sports car also features the signature green, white and red Lamborghini stripes, realistic engine and horn sounds, and a one-push start button for ease of use.

Key features: A leather seat, MP3 player, horn, seatbelt, parental remote control option, engine sounds, and horn sounds

What makes an electric ride on sports car a great Christmas gift?

An electric ride on sports car isn’t just a gift. It’s an experience that combines adventure, fun, and skill development, making it an ideal and exciting Christmas present for kids. Here are just a few reasons you’re making the right decision if you checkout with a brand new mini Bugatti:

  1. Pure excitement: These miniature sports cars replicate the thrill of driving a real sports car, creating an exciting and memorable experience for children.
  2. Imaginative play: Ride on cars encourage imaginative and creative play. They allow kids to roleplay as drivers, race car champions, or adventurers, fostering creativity.
  3. Physical activity: Riding these cars promotes physical activity and outdoor play, helping keep kids active and engaged, especially during holiday breaks.
  4. Independence: Electric ride on cars give kids a sense of independence as they ‘drive’ on their own, boosting their confidence and sense of accomplishment.
  5. Skill development: Kids learn important skills like coordination, spatial awareness, decision-making and gross motor skills while operating the ride-on.
  6. Safety: Our electric ride on sports cars are designed with safety features such as parental remote controls, seat belts, and low-speed options, ensuring a secure play environment.
  7. Long-lasting entertainment: Unlike some toys that may be forgotten quickly, ride-on cars offer long-lasting entertainment and can be enjoyed for years!

Find out more reasons why an electric ride on car would make the perfect Christmas gift with our blog – the benefits of ride on cars for toddlers and children.

What accessories can you buy for an electric ride on car?

When it comes to enhancing your child’s ride-on sports car experience, a world of accessories awaits! Consider adding a car cover to protect the new car from the elements and keep it looking pristine, or a personalised number plate to add an extra touch of authenticity and fun.

We also offer decals and stickers, which provide creative opportunities for customisation, enabling your little ones to express their style and make their ride on car truly their own.

These accessories transform a simple ride-on into a personalised, exciting, and memorable adventure for your child!

Discover the perfect kid’s Christmas gift with Electric Ride On Cars

Here at Electric Ride On Cars, we have a range of ride on sports cars that can make this Christmas unforgettable. From the sleek curves of a little Lamborghini to the roaring engine of a tiny Bugatti, these ride on cars are more than just toys – they’re vehicles that can whisk kids away to a land of adventure and imagination.

We have a wide range of ride on cars to suit every child, from Disney ride on cars to police ride on cars and everything in between! 

Whatever your kid’s dream car is, we can get them behind the wheel of their perfect vehicle.

And even better, if you’re looking at grabbing some great deals on your kid’s Christmas presents this year, take advantage of Black Friday, with all the best Black Friday toy deals for kids at Electric Ride on Cars.

FAQs about electric ride on cars

How can you gift wrap a ride on sports car?

As ride on cars aren’t the most conventional of shapes, you might find them a challenge to wrap. That’s why we have compiled a guide on how to gift wrap a ride on car so you can give your kids the ultimate holiday surprise. 

Will the ride on sports car require assembly?

Yes, the cars will require some assembly and instructions, and tools are usually provided to show you how to assemble the car. Assembly usually consists of fitting on the wheels, screwing on the seat and putting on the steering wheel. Some cars might have a bit more assembly than others. It’s different for every car.

We now provide an assembly service for a selection of products! To see if this service is available, simply check the page of your chosen product. If it’s available, there’ll be a checkbox to have your item assembled and shipped on a pallet. Click on the checkbox if you want your kid’s car fully assembled by our professional staff.

How fast do electric ride on cars go?

At Electric Ride On Cars, safety is our number one priority, and our cars’ speed limits reflect that. For example, ride on cars suitable for toddlers (ages 2-4) only have 6v motors and reach 2-3mph.

For a full list of electric ride on car motor sizes and their maximum speeds, read our full guide.

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