The Best Black Friday Deals for Toys and Kids’ Ride on Cars

Whether you’re Christmas shopping, grabbing a bargain birthday gift or just want to surprise your kids with a special treat, we’ve got some exciting news for you…Black Friday is right around the corner! And boy, do we have some incredible Black Friday toy deals lined up, especially for you. 

From a luxury Kids’ electric car to a children’s electric scooter, you’re sure to find the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones right here. Ready to see those wide-eyed smiles and hear shrieks of laughter? Explore the best Black Friday deals from Electric Ride On Cars.

When are the Black Friday sales in 2023?

Black Friday takes place on 24th November 2023 and runs through to Monday 27th November (Cyber Monday). With Electric Ride On Cars, you don’t have to wait that long for the deals to start! The best toy deals here at Electric Ride On Cars run from the 18th – 28th November.

Black Friday Deals 2023!

Let’s make this holiday season extra special for your little adventurers with great deals on kids ride on cars, scooters and more.

1. Huffy Helix 12v Kids Electric Scooter In Blue or Green

Black Friday price: £49.99 (RRP £109.99!)

Best for: Kids aged 8 years and above

Save big on this Huffy Helix kid’s electric scooter! It’s the perfect toy for young riders seeking an exciting and safe electric scooter. With its sleek design and powerful performance, the Helix electric scooter guarantees hours of thrilling fun and adventure. Available in vibrant green or cool blue colours, it’s sure to provide endless fun.

2. Vespa Kids Electric Ride on Motorbike PX150 Model 12v

Black Friday price: £109.99 (RRP £169.99!)

Best for: Kids aged 4 years and above

Let your kids drive in true Italian style with a Vespa Electric Ride on Motorbike. It looks like the real thing, only shrunk down! The shape of the kids ride on motorbike, as well as the style of the lights and mirrors, match an actual Vespa. We’ve added some extra features that real Vespas don’t even have, including a music player and stabilisers for an extra smooth ride.

3. Kids E-scooter 120w With Seat

Black Friday price: £89.99 (RRP £129.99!)

Best for: Kids aged 8 years and above

You can’t go wrong with this sturdy, dependable 120w e-scooter. Kids can choose between standing on the metal plate or sitting down on the comfy leather seat when they’re on the move. The scooter sits on solid rubber wheels for a smooth and silent journey wherever you decide to take them and their new ride!

4. Kids Bumper Car Ride On for Toddlers

Black Friday price: £124.99 (RRP £209.95!)

Best for: Kids aged 2-5 years

These prices will get your head spinning almost as much as the kids bumper cars! These colourful little cars will give your kids a thrilling ride while enhancing their coordination and motor skills. The easy-to-use controls and padded seat ensure comfortable and secure playtime.

5. Kids Ride On Waltzer 12V

Black Friday price: £179.99 (RRP £199.99!)

Best for: Kids aged 2-5 years

Get your own mini fairground at home with the kids ride on waltzer! These waltzers are packed with excitement. Your kids can spin them a full 360 degrees using a simple joystick control and play music while they turn! And the best part for parents? They don’t require assembly! You can simply take it out of the box, and your kids can hop right into the seat.

6. Kids Ride On Audi R8 Car with remote control

Black Friday price: £139.99 (RRP £144.99!)

Best for: Kids aged 2-5 years

Your kid can cruise the neighbourhood in true style with the Audi R8 ride on car. Just some of its awesome features include a working horn, car sounds, and a music player so they can listen to their favourite tunes on the move. It also comes with a parental remote control for peace of mind.

7. Neo Outlaw X7 Electric Scooter 25km Range 350w

Black Friday price: £249.99 (RRP £349.99!)

Best for: Adults

You can treat yourself as well as the kids! The Neo Outlaw X7 Electric Scooter is one of the most durable and lightweight scooters available on the market, and you can get a whopping £100 knocked off the retail price for Black Friday! This model has a maximum speed of 25 km/h and enhanced hill climbing ability.

It also has a big battery for up to 25 km range from a single charge and a class-leading waterproof design. The X7 Scooter is always ready to roll, even when it’s raining.

8. Disney Cars McQueen Ride On Car

Black Friday price: £169.99 (RRP £189.99!)

Best for: Kids aged 3-6 years

If your kid’s a big fan of the movie ‘Cars,’ they’re sure to be over the moon receiving a Disney Cars McQueen ride on car. Modelled after Lightning McQueen himself, this rideable replica has klaxon sounds, lights on the steering wheel and comes complete with racing decals.

9. Gyroor G11 Kids Hoverboard Off Road All Terrain

Black Friday price: £129.99 (RRP £149.99)

Best for: Kids, teens and adults!

This Gyroor hoverboard is great for anyone who wants a unique and exciting way to get around, whether your younger kids want to have fun in the garden or maybe a teenage student who wants to get from A to B!

It offers a smooth ride over gravel, rough and sandy terrain surfaces. Enjoy the most stable riding and balancing experience thanks to its self-balancing feature and thick tyres!

10. Kids Mercedes G Wagon G63 Electric Ride On Car

Black Friday price: £174.99 (RRP £219.99!)

Best for: Kids aged 3-5 years

The design and build of this Mercedes G63 AMG ride on car are bound to turn heads! It has the official Mercedes AMG branding, and functionalities include working lights, a horn, and a music player. Like all our ride on cars, it has a safety seatbelt and a parental remote control option.

11. Cam-Am Maverick 24V Kids Electric Ride On Quad ATV Renegade

Black Friday price: £229.99 (RRP £279.99!)

Best for: Kids aged 3-7 years

If your kids are budding adventurers, consider the Cam-Am Maverick ride on quad. They can experience the thrill of off-road adventures, and you can grab it in blue, khaki, or white to suit your child’s style! It comes with a built-in MP3 player and Eva noise-reducing wheels.

12. 24v Kids Ride On Buggy 24v with Remote

Black Friday price: £314.99 (RRP £349.99)

Best for: Kids aged 2-6 years

These open-top ride on buggies are crafted to mimic the look of their full-sized counterparts. They come in blue or pink and feature bold, eye-catching designs. They even have functional headlights and a faux steering wheel, so they feel like they’re driving the real thing.

13. Kids Audi TT RS Roadster 12v Ride On Car with Parent Remote

Black Friday price: £144.99 (RRP £164.99!)

Best for: Kids aged 3-5 years

Your kids are bound to be the talk of the town with the Audi TT RS Roadster! These pint-sized electric vehicles combine elegance with excitement, featuring authentic Audi details, such as the iconic four rings logo and distinctive body styling. It also has a built-in music player, LED headlights, a horn, and a realistic driving setup.

14. Kids Ride on BMW X5 M Ride On Electric Car

Black Friday price: £214.99 (RRP £400.00!)

Best for: Kids aged 3-6 years

The kids’ ride on BMW X5 is a miniature version of the renowned luxury SUV, bringing even more excitement to your child’s playtime. The car is designed meticulously, featuring the signature BMW grille, emblematic styling, and even functional headlights.

This BMW ride on car is powered by rechargeable batteries, offering hours of endless fun, and includes user-friendly controls and safety features like seatbelts for your peace of mind.

15. Hoverkart for Hoverboards

Black Friday price: £29.99 (RRP £54.99!)

Best for: Kids, teens and adults

If you’re thinking of buying a hoverboard for your kids (or yourself), why not give them the option to transform it into a hoverkart? In a few simple steps, the self-balancing hoverboard can become a go-kart!

The hoverkart’s seating has an easy lever to adjust the frame and seating position, meaning the kart can become suitable for both children and adults. It’s the perfect add-on gift for anyone with a hoverboard and adds a new dimension of play to their existing board.

16. Adult Folding Kick E-Scooter

Black Friday price: £254.99 (RRP £349.99!)

Best for: Adults

Another one for the big kids! The adult folding kick e-scooter is ideal if this is your first adults electric scooter or if you’ve not had one since you were a kid. It’s light, foldable and easy to use, with a 150w motor that reaches up to 3.5mph speeds. If your battery runs out, simply use it as a traditional scooter!


What are Electric Ride on Cars’ delivery options?

If you order over our Black Friday period, you can rest assured you’ll have it in plenty of time for Christmas! We aim to pick, pack and dispatch all orders within two working days. For a full breakdown of our delivery options for each item, check out our delivery page.

Can you personalise a kid’s ride on car?

When it comes to enhancing your child’s ride-on sports car experience, a world of ride on car accessories awaits! Consider adding a ride on car cover to protect the new car from the elements and keep it looking pristine or a personalised number plate to add an extra touch of authenticity and fun.

We also offer decals and stickers, which provide creative opportunities for customisation, enabling your little ones to express their style and make their ride on car truly their own.

These accessories transform a simple ride-on into a personalised, exciting, and memorable adventure for your child!

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