Benefits of Ride On Cars for Toddlers and Children

Are you thinking of surprising your little one with a kids electric car, but want to know they’ll get more out of it than the initial squeal of excitement? Look no further! These pint-sized vehicles aren’t just adorable; they’re packed with benefits for toddlers and young children.

From honing their motor skills to firing up their imaginations, ride on cars offer toddlers and children a thrilling expedition of growth and development. Join us on this exciting journey as we guide you through the countless advantages that these tiny wheels can bring to your adventurers. 

So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s zoom into the world of ride on cars!

10 ride on toy benefits

Here’s a list of the benefits of ride on toys for toddlers and children:

  1. Cognitive development

As your little explorer zooms around, they’re honing crucial mental skills that will help with their cognitive development. Maneuvering a ride on car or toy helps them to develop spatial awareness, as it requires an understanding of space and distance. As they navigate around obstacles or steer through tight spots, their spatial awareness blossoms, helping them excel in activities that involve physical coordination.

These exercises help massively with a child’s development, enhancing their critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills. With every twist and turn, their journey becomes a puzzle to solve. They encounter challenges, like figuring out how to bypass an obstacle or finding the best route to their imaginary destination.

Finally, as they push pedals, turn the wheel or press buttons, your child learns the concept of cause and effect. They observe the direct outcomes of their actions, grasping the fundamental principle that every action has a reaction, which is vital for everyday life.

  1. Social skills

When your child rides their ride on car, they learn to love being at the helm of their own adventure. But there’s nothing better than shared play! Joining friends and little family members who either want to share or have their own ride on toys will encourage them to navigate together, negotiate turns and make great memories.

Engaging in group play with ride on toys can also boost your child’s social confidence. As they interact with friends or siblings and navigate social dynamics, they become more comfortable in social situations, setting them up for social success in the future.

  1. Gross motor skills

Riding a toy car requires your child to maintain balance and coordinate their movements. They learn to stabilise themselves as they push with their feet or pedal, gradually improving their balance and coordination. Watch as your tiny drivers steer their way to physical growth and strength! 

Another way ride on toys help to develop gross motor skills is by engaging your kid’s leg muscles as they play. Over time, their ride on toy will help to strengthen and develop these essential limbs.

  1. Fine motor skills

Ride on toys offer many benefits for refining tiny hands and fingers! Riding a toy car requires precise steering and control, which involves using their hands and fingers to turn the wheel or handlebars. This fine motor skill development lays the foundation for more intricate hand movements in the future.

Also, many toddler ride on cars are foot-powered, encouraging your child to push with their feet or pedal. These actions involve fine motor coordination, enhancing their ability to use their lower limbs.

Finally, holding onto the handlebars or steering wheel helps strengthen your child’s grip. This increased grip strength benefits various activities like holding a pencil or using utensils.

  1. Imagination and creativity

These ride on cars aren’t just for the open road or back garden – they’re gateways to a world of endless adventures and imaginative play!

Riding a toy car or bike sparks your child’s natural imagination, turning them into fearless racers, daring explorers, or brave adventurers. As they take on different roles, their creativity continues to grow. They might embark on epic quests to save a pretend kingdom or become superheroes on a mission to rescue imaginary friends. These stories they create can only strengthen their storytelling abilities.

Many ride on cars can be customised with car stickers and other ride on car accessories. Watch your child’s artistic side comes out as they decorate their vehicle with personal touches, expressing their unique creativity.

  1. Confidence and independence

Riding a kids car requires practice and skill-building. As your kid learns to control their vehicle and gains expertise, they’ll get a wonderful sense of achievement. This mastery of skills boosts their self-confidence, showing them they can overcome challenges and improve with perseverance.

Ride on toys also offer a safe and controlled environment for your child to explore independence. They get to make their own decisions, steer their course, and take charge of their mini-adventures, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-assurance.

  1. Exercise and outdoor play

Riding a toy car or bike gets your child moving and grooving, offering a fun and engaging form of physical activity. Pushing with their feet or pedalling their way around boosts their heart rate, improving cardiovascular health and promoting physical fitness.

Ride on toys encourage outdoor play, inviting your child to explore the wide-open spaces of your back garden or local park. The great outdoors becomes their playground, where they can drive in the sunshine with the top down and embrace the wonders of nature. 

Being outdoors in the sunshine also supports their overall well-being and helps to strengthen their immune system.

Learn more about the benefits of playing outside for kids with help from our blog.

  1. Long-lasting entertainment

These toys are more than just a bit of fleeting fun. As your child grows and develops, the way they play with their toy evolves, too. From simple rides around the house to elaborate imaginative scenarios, the possibilities are endless!

Many ride on toys are designed with adjustable features to accommodate your child’s growth. Adjustable seat heights, removable support bars, or convertible designs ensure that the toy remains age-appropriate and enjoyable for years to come.

  1. Family bonding

The entire family can join in on the fun with ride on toys! Parents or carers, siblings, and even grandparents can take part in delightful play sessions with the little adventurer.

Why not set up a friendly race with ride on cars, bikes and scooters or create a DIY obstacle course for a lighthearted family competition? Cheering each other on and celebrating wins together is bound to make a great memory for everyone.

     10. Sense of responsibility

Owning a ride on toy comes with a sense of responsibility. Your child learns to take care of their precious toy, whether it’s a car, bike, or trike. What’s more, they become mindful of keeping it clean and storing it properly so they can carry on enjoying it for as long as possible!

Your child also needs to understand and practise safety rules when using their ride on toy. They’ll learn the importance of wearing helmets and being cautious while riding, no matter where they take their toy.

Why you should choose Electric Ride on Cars for your children

At Electric Ride On Cars, we have a ride on car for every child! Whether they want to be the coolest kid on the street with a 2 seater kids electric ride on car or want to transform into a princess with a pink ride on car, our range of kids’ cars caters to every young dreamer who can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

Our cars are perfect for whizzing around the living room, back garden or even your neighbourhood streets and local park. If your kids are after something a little different, how about one of our kids’ electric go karts or a ride on truck? We even have kids’ ride on tractors for the animal-loving members of your family! 

Also, you can check out our wide range of ride on car accessories for all your featured electric ride on car essentials.

Your kids’ safety and enjoyment is always the first thing on our minds. That’s why our cars are built to last and have many safety features. Take playtime to a whole other level with Electric Ride on Cars.


Are ride on cars safe?

In short, yes! Like all ride on toys, you have to make sure you’re taking the proper precautions, but there are a number of safety features in ride on cars, including seatbelts, LED headlights, a low speed limit and a parental remote control so you can always take over if necessary.

Our electric ride on cars also come with simple, child-friendly foot pedals, which means that whenever their foot is off the pedal, the car will stop.

At what age can my child use a ride on car?

By the age of 3, your kids should’ve developed the motor skills, balance and coordination to enjoy a ride on car. To find out exactly what kind of ride on toy or ride on car you should buy your little one depending on their age, read our full age-by-age guide to kids ride on cars here.

Are ride on toys good for babies?

Babies can start using ride on toys once they’re steady on their feet and have good core strength. Generally, for little ones, you should start with something that has 4 wheels, is low to the ground and is easy to hold on to.

Once they’re around 18 months old, a balance bike will provide them with hours of fun. Just ensure it’s low enough to sit comfortably on it with their feet touching the ground. Balance bikes offer key benefits, including the encouragement of physical activity with the use of core muscles, the development of gross motor skills and coordination skills, and giving them a huge confidence boost when they learn to balance independently. Learn more about the benefits of balance bikes with our blog.

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