Best UTVs for Kids 2023

Does your child have a passion for the great outdoors and a need for speed? Do they love their kids electric car and want to add to their collection? Maybe they fancy themselves as a great explorer, interested in travelling to untouched wilderness and finding the secrets hidden within! Well, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll look at the best kids UTVs on the market right now.

What is a UTV?

A UTV, sometimes known as a buggy, is a utility task vehicle. UTVs are commonly used to transport equipment, goods or people across rugged terrain. Built with thick, heavily treaded tires and a roll cage, UTVs are widely used recreationally as a  popular off-road vehicle fit for adventures, trail riding, and exploring outdoor environments that are otherwise unnavigable in a standard car. 

Here at Electric Ride On Cars, we’ve got some of the best ride on cars and kids UTV options on the market, so your little ones can take their own offroad adventures. Our youth UTVs are available in different sizes, power outputs, and configurations to cater to a wide range of preferences. 

So, before your little one gets in the driver’s seat, let’s take a look at your options.

Key features of a utility task vehicle

For a UTV to carry out its function as a multi-terrain vehicle, there are a few key features they require to help them do their job.

  • Rear brakes: These help the driver to maintain close control of the vehicle over unpredictable terrain.
  • Safety net: Placed over the cage of the vehicle, they stop important items leaving the car and unwanted things from coming in.
  • Cargo bed: UTVs are purpose-built to carry cargo, so it makes sense there is a good amount of space in the vehicle.
  • Front and rear suspension: With the help of a swing arm, these vehicles can glide over uneven surfaces on the road.
  • Spare tire carrier: As is the nature of exploring, accidents can happen, and you must make replacements while you’re out on adventures. A spare tire might be just what you need.

What UTV should you get for your kids?

Depending on their age, environment and interests, we have a great collection of UTVs to ensure you find the perfect choice for your child.

Ultimate 24V Electric Ride On Buggy with MP4 and 2 Seats

 The 24V Electric Ride-On Buggy with MP4 and 2 Seats is the pinnacle of electric ride on buggies. Prepare for an exhilarating off-road adventure as your little ones cruise around in style and power, with optimal safety and comfort.

Powered by a 24V battery, your children can easily conquer fields and rocky surfaces. These buggies are great for young drivers who want to explore the great outdoors with the help of electronic fuel injection.

Designed with comfort and entertainment in mind, this ride-on buggy has two well-sized seats, accommodating your child and a companion. The addition of adjustable seat belts ensures their safety during the rides, giving you peace of mind as a parent. The wheels have premium rubber tires for enhanced grip and a smoother ride.

What makes this buggy special is the built-in MP4 system with a TV screen. Your little ones’ faces will surely beam with joy as they enjoy their favourite music or TV shows in their buggy. The inclusion of this system can turn any trip into a road trip.

Key features: MP4 system, built-in television, premium rubber tires

Kids ATV Large 24v Electric Ride-on Buggy with MP4 TV

 If you’re looking for a ride that packs some serious personality and punch, the ATV Large 24V Electric Ride On Buggy is ideal. 

With luxury leather seating and top-class rubber wheels, your little one can travel in style and safely across different landscapes. This buggy also features rear-wheel suspension for extra ground clearance and cushioning on challenging terrain.

With two adjustable seats and a tilted steering wheel, your kids can experience how it feels to drive a proper UTV.

For the safety of younger children, this buggy comes fitted with parental controls too. Meaning parents can take control of the UTV with a remote whilst the child enjoys the ride.

And that’s not all! This top-of-the-range UTV comes equipped with an MP4 player so your kids can sit, relax and watch their favourite movies while taking a break from the road. Just make sure it’s not a distraction when the driver is operating the UTV!

Key features: MP4 player, rear-wheel suspension, adjustable seating

24V Electric Ride On Buggy MP4 2 Seats Rubber Wheels MP4 TV Screen

The 24V 4 Motor Electric Ride On Buggy is perfect for children aged 1-5 that have a real taste for adventure. With a spacious seating area for two that comes complete with adjustable play seat belts, this ride-on car has safety and comfort at the forefront of its design.

These UTVs are fuelled by a powerful 24-volt 7aH battery and 4 upgraded motors that deliver 60 watts each.

This unique ride-on car is packed with features that will keep your child entertained for hours. It’s fitted with an exclusive 3-speed 2.4G remote control and an emergency stop button. This emergency stop allows parents to stop the car from a long distance, ensuring the child feels free and safe during play.

Key features: 2 Speed option, rear storage compartment, EVA Noise reduction tyres with extra grip

48v Can-Am RS Kids ride on UTV, Licensed RS Version 15

Say hello to one of the top kids’ UTVs on the market, the officially licensed Can-Am Maverick UTV Ride on RS Version.

Equipped with large EVA wheels for traction, 2x 240W motors and coil-sprung rear suspension, this Ride-on buggy is the most powerful in its class and built to get the better of any rough terrain. It’s the closest thing your child will get to a real adventuring experience.

With working lighting, your kids will be safe and seen with led lights on the front and an led light bar on the back. Whilst they’re in the seat 3 point safety belt to ensure they feel confident and secure when riding at high speeds.

We know that parents always want to get in on the act with these ride-on cars, so we have included a 2.4g Bluetooth remote so you can also enjoy driving this buggy for safety and pleasure.

Key features: Front LED lights, leather-styled seating, rear coil spring suspension

What are the benefits of learning to drive a UTV?

Not only do UTVs provide endless fun for your child, there are valuable benefits that, as parents, you can see your child develop from. Here are some of the benefits.

  1. Confidence driving: Early exposure to motor vehicles increases confidence and encourages skill in several areas. Your child will gain valuable motor skills, confidence operating a vehicle and improved self-esteem from learning to drive their electric ride on car.
  2. Making friends: Hobbies are a great way to make friends. From getting your little ones into UTV driving, they could go on to drive them with other children, making friends and gaining valuable social skills along the way.
  3. Physical activity: Although driving a UTV is primarily a sitting hobby, driving a car uses core muscles and keeps a person moving. For its adventurous nature, driving a UTV is a great way to get your child outdoors and moving.

Why choose an electric side-by-side UTV for your child?

When it comes to choosing the right UTV, it’s worth looking at how it is powered. You can pick between petrol-powered UTVs and electric youth side-by-side models. For children, we’d recommend choosing an electric-powered option for a few reasons.

  1. Environmentally friendly: In terms of keeping an eye on your household emissions, electric-powered UTVs are a friendlier option than their petrol-led cousins.
  2. Safer and easier to control: We understand that you want your child to be as safe as possible during play. Electric UTVs tend to have less power than petrol engines, making them safer and easier to drive.
  3. Perfect for beginners needing to build confidence: As an extension of point 2, these cars offer a gentler way to introduce kids to UTVs.
  4. More affordable: Electric UTVs have been shown to be much cheaper across the market.

What accessories do you need to drive a UTV?

To ensure young drivers are as safe as possible behind the wheel you can add a few accessories to your list.

  1. Helmets: These are essential to ensure your little one’s head are protected in the vehicle at all times.
  2. Comfortable clothing: Comfortable clothing will help your little one enjoy a prolonged time in the car and manoeuvre easier.
  3. Sturdy footwear: Driving involves a lot of footwork, and these environments can also prevent hazards for people’s feet. It’s essential to wear the right shoes to keep the feet safe and protected.
  4. Learning materials: It always helps to learn more about a hobby before diving in. Take a look at books, YouTube videos or find yourself a training DVD before you get started.

Alongside the essentials, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your ride-on car beyond safety purposes.


Are kids’ UTVs safe?

Yes, kids’ UTVs are safe for children to enjoy. Youth models of UTVs are made with certain safety features to ensure their suitability. Things like the inclusion of a front and rear brake light, roll cages, seatbelts and tilt steering wheel all add to the safety and comfort of your little one.

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