What would our favourite Disney Princess’s cars look like?

From the pines of Arendelle’s forests to the castle moats of France and beyond, the Disney Princesses come from a variety of times and locations, all with their own unique traits, personalities and style. There’s very little we don’t know about these leading ladies. Whether they’re losing slippers, finding their Prince Charming or practising archery, these gals are always on some kind of adventure – but what if they were transported to the modern-day? How would they get about? We put our imagination to the test to visualise what the modern-day vehicles of our favourite Disney Princesses would look like. So, just what are the likes of Cinders, Merida and Snow White whizzing around in?


Cinders is a classic – she’s a true lady with grace, style and class, so her four-wheeled ride needs to reflect this. Taking inspiration from her Fairy Godmother’s classic horse and carriage, her car would ooze panache – bystanders wouldn’t be able to resist stopping and staring. Who’s that girl? A queen-like car for her queen-like status.


We’ve all seen Rapunzel’s creative flair and energy in Tangled and her bright and happy attitude deserves a matching car. Her trusty steel sidekick would also have to feature her painting skills, hence why just like the walls in her tower, the car is covered in customised stickers. And of course, Rapunzel has a convertible, so she can let her hair down and feel the wind as she cruises.


If Merida ever replaced her trusty shire horse with a more mechanical type of horsepower, it would, of course, be a mighty motorbike! For the girl who loves horse riding and racing through the woodlands, this form of transport couldn’t be more suited. Matching her daring sense of adventure and free spirit, her motorbike would allow her to race through the woods, while still practising her bow. Winning!


Elsa’s kingdom calls for a slightly different kind of vehicle – four wheels wouldn’t quite cut it in a land bursting with ice and snow. So, Elsa would drive around a handy and stylish snowmobile instead, right? Better suited to her surroundings, her trusty sleigh would be perfect for her and her sister’s adventures. With the help of Kristoff, of course she would use a customised wooden sleigh in the back! Do you want to build a snowman?

Snow White

Snow White hasn’t got it easy; she lives in the middle of the woods and has seven flatmates. She needs to be able to get around the woodlands easy, pack the car full of supplies and feel stress-free! So, of course, she would drive a 4×4 – but with a sprinkling of classic Snow White style. Painted in her iconic colours and adding a few ribbons for good measure, this car surely is the fairest of them all is… Beep Beep! You could be just like a Disney Princess too in your very own Pink Electric Ride On Car.


*Images created from in-house designers with no affiliation with Disney.