5 Best Dirt Bikes & Electric Scooters for Kids [2020 Reviews]

Children all ages love electric scooters and dirt bikes. They’re a fun and wonderful way to explore the neighbourhood safely, run little chores or even commute to and from school. Watching your child act like a little adult and handle their commute, learn about road safety and assume responsibility is hands down one of the best experience for all parents.

Besides, kids ride on toys such as electric scooters motivate your babies to go outdoors and explore (which is great in the era of gadgets like cell phones and tabs). They’re also important for your child’s mental health and development. Many studies on child growth have expanded on the link between outdoor physical activity and learning capacity.

In one such study, researchers found that children who ride their own vehicle to school are more focused and keen to learn compared to children who are driven to school by their parents. That’s because dirt bikes and mini electric scooters for kids improve mindfulness in children and improve their ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

Kids dirt bikes and mini electric scooters are also compact in shape and lightweight. They are designed to develop your child’s sense of balance and refine their motor skills. Electric scooters and dirt bikes are also a great way to teach your child the importance of being environmentally conscious since they don’t use fuel to run and are a zero-emission way to go to nearby places.

If you’re on lookout for the best and most exciting electric scooters and dirt bikes for your young one, you’re in luck! Our experts reviewed electric ride on toys for children, ranked them on the basis of their features, quality and overall value.

And the list we compiled is out! Here are best mini electric scooters and dirt bikes for kids:

1.Pink Electric Ride On Scooter for Kids (140 Watts)

Electric scooters are good but you know what’s a better option for kids who need to commute? An electric scooter with a seat for your kid to sit on so they can enjoy a comfortable ride. That’s why we recommend this compact and safe pink electric ride on scooter for kids!

Even though it looks very sleek, this e-scooter is a powerful ride that can achieve a top speed of 12 km/h in a go. That’s why it’s only recommended for children aged 8 years or above. This mini electric scooter for kids is also sturdy with a solid steel exterior and an aluminum footplate.

Our pink electric ride on scooter is highly adjustable and versatile. We are smitten with the smooth tea pink colour but you can pick between metallic silver, blazing blue  and pitch black  options.

2.Mini Moto Pit Scrambler Dirt Bike for Kids [500 Watts]

Powerful and gorgeous, this 500 Watt mini moto Pit Scrambler dirt bike  is an ideal pick for adventurous children. The bike comes with a convenient twist and go throttle – and though there is nothing complicated about this chain-driven ride on mini dirt bike, going around on it requires relatively refined motor skills and a well-developed sense of balance. That’s why we highly recommend the Pit Scrambler for children aged 14 and above.

Its powerful 500 W motors and long-lasting 36 v battery give this vehicle a top speed of 25 km/h and a reasonable battery recharge time (8-9 hrs). The mini-dirt bike comes complete with a kickstand, front and rear disc breaks, high-traction rubber tyres and a shock-absorbing suspension system which makes it suitable for a variety of terrains.

We absolutely love the metallic body-finish and the vibrant colours this bike comes in. You can go for booming blue, eclectic fuchsia, glossy black or neon green colours. If you want our two cents, we absolutely love black for its grace and contrasting details!

3.Road Storm Mini Moto Dirt Bike [250 Watts]

Looking for the right electric dirt bike for children aged 10 or above? Try our reliable Road Storm mini moto dirt bike. Safe, compact, easy-to-handle yet reliable with twin 12 v batteries, 250-Watt brush motors and a top speed of 20 km/h, Road Storm is an exciting toy to teach road responsibility and basic biking to your tiny one.

We absolutely love this bike for the comfort and convenience it offers. It comes with cushy leather seats and rear discs breaks that can be easily operated by the handlebar lever (just like in real bikes!). Its lively and colourful design is enough to excite your child!

The chain-driven bike features a twist-and- go throttle and has a range of 15 to 20 km which is enough for your child’s every day commute. Road Storm is a truly versatile dirt bike, available in a wide range of eye-pleasing colours. We cannot get enough of this warm and sporty orange  but your child can also go for hot pink, parrot green  or pitch black  if they want.

4.Sleek and Suave Electric Blue Kids Mini Dirt-Bike

Want something simpler and more compact for your 10 year old? Try our sleek and sauve electric blue mini dirt bike for your outdoor explorer. This bike is more robust and lightweight, it’s simple and straightforward design makes it very easy to handle so, rest assured, your young one will have a safe drive.

This mini dirt bike is simple but it has all the other inbuilt features including a powerful 250 Watt brushless motor and two 12 v batteries, required to achieve a maximum speed of 15 to 20 km/ hr. It also has a convenient twist n go throttle, a parking stand and reliable rear disc breaks.

You can pick from a rage of eye-catching colours including deep blue, tea pink  and black magma.

5.Lime Green Balance Bike for Younger Children

This list would have been incomplete without a recommendation for the tiniest drivers out there. Yes, we mean little people a.k.a toddlers and babies (basically every aspiring driver aged 2 and above). So, if you’re teaching your tot to balance themselves, this lime green balance bike  is a great idea.

Balance bikes are especially designed to be your baby’s first ride on toy and teach them basic balance skills. They’re sturdy, super safe (because theres’s a baby onboard) and very lightweight. Our lime green balance bike comes with added safety features like rubber-coated handlebars and soft and pliable high-grip rubber tyres to keep your tot safe.

Babies love bright colours and that’s not a secret so we included the lime green model in our list but you can also opt for other vibrant and appealing colours such as glossy orange, deep blue  or pink delight.