The Best Accessories for Your Ride On Car

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For a kid, what can be better than to experience the fun of having their own set of wheels? The answer to that is accessories and customisation! Kids electric cars are a fantastic addition to any playtime as they let your child experience the joys of driving while having fun.

Part of that first car owner experience is getting to add on some unique and custom ride on car accessories and additions to make their toy car one of a kind. As well as creating a custom feel, many accessories add a necessary component of planned maintenance. 

We’ve put together a guide of some of the best ride on car accessories available for electric ride on cars, from decal stickers to rain covers.

Stickers for ride on cars  

One of the easiest ways to add custom flavour to your child’s ride on car is stickers. Stickers are a fun and straightforward way to give their vehicle an authentic flair. When it comes to stickers, there are a couple of different categories.

Number plate stickers

Number plate stickers for electric ride on cars are usually purchased as a set, allowing your child to make whatever kind of number plate they desire. Like a license plate, you can use these vinyl sticker sets to stylise your number plate however you like.

You can choose between a more standard number plate or go with a custom plate that has more sizzle. Regardless of which one you choose, the options are endless! 

Decal stickers 

Ride on car decal stickers are a great accessory to give your kids toy car that authentic feel. Your little one can easily place these stickers on the vehicle to provide it with the same badging as their parent’s vehicle. 

You can also buy replacement decal stickers if the ones on your current kids electric car are missing or damaged.

Ride on car covers

A car cover is a must-have accessory for electric ride on cars if you want to keep your kids favourite toy safe. Even if you have space to spare in a garage, it’s not a bad idea to use a cover. 

Even for an adult car, it’s wise to use a car cover during an extended period of downtime. Ride on car covers aren’t just a fun add-on but act as a necessary tool for maintenance. They keep dust and dirt off the car and help protect it from any potential damage from moisture or sunlight. 

Clothing and equipment

Electric ride on cars might be fun to use, but you need to make sure your little one is wearing suitable clothing and equipment before they set off. It’s important that your child wears appropriate footwear when driving their vehicle to protect their feet. Boots and trainers are a better option, and they shouldn’t be wearing slippers, sandals or be barefoot. 

You may also want to invest in gloves, helmets or pads if you want peace of mind. For faster vehicles like kids electric go karts, your child must be wearing this safety equipment as a minimum. 

Spare parts for electric ride on cars

Like a typical vehicle, ride on cars will have parts or equipment that will eventually fail and need replacing. It can be a good idea to prepare in case anything goes wrong with your kids favourite toy. The following categories of spare parts for ride on cars are an excellent investment to make sure you keep the wheels in motion. 

Spare batteries

Ride on car batteries can spare you a headache in more ways than one! Not only does having an extra battery come in handy should the main battery go flat, but it allows you to charge one battery while another is in use. This spare part can add hours of enjoyment to your child’s play session without having to sit around and wait for a recharge. 

Replacement remote controls

Having replacements for your ride on car remote controls should be a no-brainer. Your remote control might get lost or you may notice over time that it’s damaged or isn’t working as it should. It’s a brilliant idea to have an extra control stashed away just in case anything happens. 

Read our guide to the best ride on remote control cars to discover our extensive range of kids electric cars with remote controls.

Spare battery charger 

Extra batteries don’t mean much if you can’t give them any juice! Imagine going to prepare your child for an afternoon of free-wheeling fun only to find that the battery charger has stopped working correctly or is missing. 

A spare ride on car charger is a wise investment and ensures your little one can drive their toy car whenever they want to.  

Training cones

An often overlooked resource, training cones can be a fantastic accessory for your ride on car. You can use cones to teach mini driving lessons and create exciting challenges for your child. They make for a safe way to learn vehicle and handling and spatial awareness necessary for safe operation. 

You can also use cones to turn a plain and boring driveway into a fun (but safe) mini-racetrack. They don’t require much in the way of storage space either and are a cost-effective way to add even more enjoyment to your child’s driving experience.  

Start accessorising your kid’s ride on car 

Ride on car accessories are an easy way to customise your kids favourite toy and there are plenty of reasons (both fun and practical) to load up on accessories for your kids electric car. There are so many options to consider, from adding stickers and decals to using a car cover or training cones. 

If you’d like to find out more about the ride on cars for kids that we have available, get in contact with our team. We stock everything from kids ride on trucks to childrens electric cars with remote controls. You can also read our guides on the best kids electric cars, best toddler push along cars and electric ride on supercars to discover our favourite picks.