10 Best Ride On Cars with Parental Remote Control

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As the world of kids’ electric cars continues to evolve, the integration of parental remote control has become an essential feature. These miniature vehicles provide young adventurers with an authentic driving experience, complete with working lights, engine sounds, and even safety belts.

While kids revel in the thrill of emulating their parents behind the wheel, parents can maintain control and ensure their little car lovers are always safe.
In this blog, we’ll explore the age range, styles, and features of the kids’ ride on cars, allowing you to make an informed decision when choosing the best remote control ride on cars for your child.

10 of the best ride on cars with parental remote controls

There are lots of different remote control ride on cars to choose from, giving you plenty of choices. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best remote control ride on cars for kids to give you a steer in the right direction.

Let’s dive into the world of electric ride on cars and discover our top picks!

Best classic ride on cars with remote control

Classic ride on remote control cars are trendy and offer lots of fun for mini motorheads’. Anything can be a classic, from an iconic Mercedes Benz to a four-wheel-drive pickup truck – it all depends on what vehicle your little one (or you) loves! 

Below are some of our favourite classic ride on cars to give you an idea of what to buy.

Mercedes Benz 300S

Best for: 2-4 Years Old, 4-6 Years Old

Features: Our ride on Mercedes Benz 300S remote-controlled car looks stylish and is comfortable to drive. It’s available in a bright pink or muted beige colour and looks exactly like a luxury car should do. This Mercedes Benz ride on car features EVA wheels, a seat belt and leather seats.

Bentley EXP12

Best for: 2-4 Years Old, 4-6 Years Old

Features: Add a touch of classic class and luxury with this incredible ride on Bentley EXP12. There’s a range of colours to pick from for this Bentley ride on car, and it comes complete with all the details, including alloy wheels! This remote control car is a dream come true for any lover of classic car manufacturers. 

Best SUV ride on cars with remote control

Remote-controlled SUV and 4×4 electric ride on cars are perfect for any little one who wants to be just like you! Using a parental controller, you can help your kids start their driving journey and navigate surfaces around the home with ease.

Audi RSQ8

Best for: 2-4 Years Old, 4-6 Years Old

Features: The new Audi RSQ8 ride on car combines an SUV with a sports car, creating a unique and head-turning remote-control ride for little adventurers and thrill-seekers. This Audi ride on car comes fully equipped with a comfortable leather seat, push-button start ignition and a fast and slow speed. Kids can choose from 4 vibrant colours for these remote control cars, including pink, green, white and red.

Mercedes G Wagon

Best for: 2-4 Years Old, 4-6 Years Old

Features: Our kids’ Mercedes G Wagons look just like the real vehicle and come in a variety of colours. The ride on remote control car comes with operating doors, a seat belt for additional safety, and Mercedes AMG branding. Choose from the standard Kids Mercedes G Wagon G63 or the Large size Kids G Wagon

Range Rover Evoque 

Best for: 2-4 Years Old, 4-6 Years Old

Features: When it comes to looking fashionable, nothing says style more than a sleek Range Rover Evoque. Our Range Rover ride on car comes in 5 different colours, making it easy to find the ideal match for your child. The ride on remote control car is based on the grown-up version and has a top speed of 3-4km/h. 

Best ride on supercars with remote control

If your child is after something showstopping, then a remote-controlled ride on supercar is the way to go. Based on real-life supercars and sports cars, these kids’ electric cars are sure to turn heads.

If your little one is a bit of a thrill-seeker, take a look at our full guide to the best electric ride on sports cars.

Audi R8

Best for: 2-4 Years Old, 4-6 Years Old

Features: One of the most popular sports cars available is the kids Audi R8, and our ride on remote control car version looks just like the real thing! The Audi ride on car features working LED lights, doors that open and a working horn!

BMW i8 

Best for: 2-4 Years Old

Features: Electric cars have always been popular for kids, but now electric cars for adults are taking over the market. The BMW i8 remote-controlled car is an exciting option for any child and is available in white or black.

This BMW ride on car is one of the best remote control cars you can pick and features a light-up dashboard and a working horn. 

Best quad bikes, UTVs and buggies with remote control

Children who are a bit older might be looking for something more than a kids’ car to ride around the garden. Our kids’ electric quad bikes and kids ride on UTVs and buggies are  fantastic options and combine adventure with fun perfectly. 

24v Kids Ride on Buggy with Remote

Best for: 2-4 Years Old, 4-6 Years Old

Features: The 24v Kids Ride on buggy has 2 seats and is perfect for any child who wants to take their friend or sibling for a drive. It can drive over most terrains, like grass, with little problems, making it the ideal choice for adventurous kids. The remote means you can give them a hand and help steer them over rough terrain. 

How to choose the best ride on car with parental remote control

Buying your kid’s first electric ride on car is an exciting milestone! If they’ve been playing with toy cars for years and are ready to take that next step, they’re guaranteed to have endless fun in their own racing car. However, as a parent, you’ll want to be sure that you’re investing in the right piece of kit for your little car lover.

When it comes to selecting the best kids’ electric ride on, there are several key factors to consider. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist to make your purchase a smooth, smooth ride.

Age range

Not all ride-on cars are suitable for every age. You’ll want to choose a model that matches your child’s age and size, ensuring they can comfortably reach the steering wheel and operate the vehicle safely.

We stock a variety of options for different ages ranging from 2 years old all the way to 12 years old! Once you’ve entered into the delightful world of having older kids, it’s easy to upgrade them to a brand-new vehicle suitable for their age.

Shop our products by age category to find the most suitable ride on car for your little one:


From sleek ride on Mercedes-Benz replicas to rugged ride on Range Rovers and sporty kids’ Jeeps, there’s a wide variety of styles available to suit your child’s preferences. Let their imagination run wild with a ride that mirrors their dream vehicle.


Most kids’ electric cars offer two speeds – a low and high setting. This feature allows you to control the top speed, ensuring your child’s safety as they learn to manoeuvre their little vehicle. Our remote control cars can reach speeds of up to 5km/h depending on the weight capacity and age suitability. 

Take a look at our guide on how fast 6v, 12v and 24v kids electric cars go to find more tips and guidance.


Look for essential features like working suspension, opening doors, a working horn, LED lights, and even a USB port for added entertainment. These extras can elevate your little one’s riding experience and make it even more exciting.

Parental controls

Many parents love having a remote control they can use to help steer and stop their child’s electric ride on car. If you’re worried about your little one’s safety when they first get into the driver’s seat of their new car, a parental remote control will provide you with the peace of mind you need.

And let’s face it, remote controls have a habit of going walk-about! If you misplace the remote controller for your child’s ride on car, don’t worry; you can buy replacement ride on car remote controls and other spare parts online for speedy delivery. Most universal remotes will work with your car, but always double-check against the product guidance specific to your model to avoid disappointment.

Weight capacity

Each of our remote control cars will also have a maximum weight capacity to help you pick the right one. Younger children and older children all grow at different speeds, so you may find your child fits a different weight capacity. 

Before choosing an electric ride on car for your child, check the maximum weight limits for the models you’re considering to make sure their new wheels will be suitable for their age and size.


Another thing to think about is what battery power the ride on car has. Most kids electric cars will either have a 6v, 12v, 24v or 36v battery. Our 12v ride on cars and 24v ride on cars offer excellent battery life and keep your kids entertained during playtime. 

Endless possibilities with Electric Ride on Cars

Kids’ electric cars offer your little racers a fantastic opportunity to play, learn, and grow.

By selecting the right car based on your child’s age, style preferences, and essential features, you can ensure they have a great time while staying safe, giving you peace of mind. These miniature vehicles provide endless entertainment and memorable experiences for your child, making them a must-have for any young car lover. 

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a journey of fun and excitement with the best remote control ride on cars on the market.

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FAQs about remote control ride on cars

What are remote control ride on cars?

A remote-controlled kids’ electric car comes with a parental remote, which you can use to help guide and drive your child around. This type of electric ride on car is ideal if you have a younger child but can be used with older children who aren’t as confident in driving themselves. 

What age are remote control ride on cars suitable for?

No matter what age your child is, a remote-controlled ride on car is perfect. The versatility of having parental remote controls means you can give your little one the freedom of their own vehicle but know you can bring them home if they go beyond the agreed vicinity.

Are remote control ride on cars good for kids?

Remote control ride on cars can be a fun and exciting toy for kids. They offer a fun and educational way for children to develop motor skills and coordination while engaging in imaginative play.

What’s more, they are safe for both parent and child. Take a look at our guide, Why Are Kids Electric Cars with Parental Control Safer for Your Baby? for more information.

Can you replace parts on a ride on car?

We have an entire selection of spare parts available, so don’t worry if their horn breaks or the toy truck needs a new battery; you can find everything you need on our site.