It’s Halloween!

A time to carve pumpkins, dress up, play games, watch scary movies, and of course, eat lots of yummy sweets!

But, if you’re looking to entertain your kids for a thriller night, or simply make their Halloween experience even more spooktastic, then get ready for the scariest season of the year with Electric Ride On Cars!

Trick or treat your little witch, werewolf, or even zombie to a gift that will dazzle friends and family with their very own electric ride on car, SUV, or 4X4.

We offer a range of ghoulish delights to get your kids screaming for joy, with cars mimicking real brands such as Mini, Audi, Jaguar, and Mercedes in variety of designs and colours to choose from.

Plus, each are fitted for safety, with seatbelts, no sharp edges, and parental remote control –keeping your little monsters safe and secure!

New Tricks and New Toys

Speaking of monsters, have we got a car that’s both frighteningly LARGE in size and fun, with our latest addition of Ford Ranger Monster Trucks available in both black and white.

Rampage through rough and grassy terrain with its chunky rubber Eva tyres, complete with chrome style alloy wheels, bright LED lights, tailgate and a design set to impress your three or six-year-old for Christmas, or any upcoming birthdays.

Plus, with MP3 connectivity and an all new MP4 TV included, kids can cruise around as they listen and watch to their favourite tunes and show!

Here’s a good tip: Haunt the streets by dressing up your ride on car with cobwebs, fake spiders, bat wings and other decorations – so you can travel in style whilst on the hunt for some delicious Halloween candy!

Or, why not match costume and car together?

Switch on the siren, flash those police lights, turn the key and get ready to chase robbers with our all new 12v Electric Police Ride on Car for your wannabe policeman or woman!

This is a one of a kind ride on, with real engine sounds, forward and reverse gears, and LED dashboard to rev up your kids play time.

Get your kids in gear for Halloween! Browse our website today for more information or get in touch via our contacts page.