How Electric Ride on Cars can Help Kids Drive their Development

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Did you know that there’s more to your child’s playtime with toy cars or trucks than meets the eye? You might not place much importance on what’s happening inside your kids as they play with their electric ride on cars. However, the fact is there’s quite a bit going on during play that helps your kids prepare for growing up healthy and learning about the world around them. 

In this article, you’ll learn the benefits of playing with cars and trucks and why doing so creates an excellent environment for driving your child’s development. 

1. Imaginative Play

Children see real-life vehicles throughout their daily lives when going to and fro as you take them with you on adult trips. Their imaginations run continuously as they watch the world around them and try to make sense of what they see. 

When they play with their electric ride-on vehicle, your kids start making the connection between what they’ve experienced riding with you and their newfound control of the situation. They can turn themselves into the drivers of their toy cars. In doing so, they start creating scenarios in their minds via their imaginations that help them to understand the world around them. 

They use their creativity to imagine scenes they know about. For example, they could pretend to be a farmer with their electric ride-on tractor, a police officer with their ride on police car or even a pilot with their ride on aeroplane.

2. Helps with Physical Development

Playing with an electric ride on car can help your kids to develop physically. Children need to move to improve their: 

  • Motor skills
  • Balance
  • Coordination

There’s nothing better than helping them move during playtime activities. That’s why kids need more physical toys and less digital toys. Digital toys have their place to learn concepts, for example. However, their physical development will suffer if they’re not encouraged to crawl, walk, or grab hold of objects. 

Grasping onto the edges of a toy car strengthens your kid’s hands and overall motor skills. If you have an infant, the toy car creates a distraction when it comes to crawling. You can encourage leg movement if your kids are two years old or above by giving them a foot to floor ride on car.

Both of these examples help develop balance. Your infant’s balance improves while crawling with the car, while the same occurs for your older children as they push or ride their toy vehicles.

One of the major benefits of playing with cars and trucks is that the process leads to a future where your kids can more effectively stay balanced or avoid physical danger.

3. Helps Your Children Understand the World Around Them

Give your children different types of toy cars to play with. For instance, give them a kids ride-on truck, racing car, fire engine, or go-kart

Using their imaginations, your kids start seeing themselves as the fireman driving to help with the fire. They imagine themselves dumping a big load off the back of the truck. 

It seems like simple playtime. You might pass it off as nothing but a child playing with an object. The truth? You’re setting your kids up well to understand the various roles they may decide to pursue when they grow older. Keeping them active in this manner helps them prepare mentally for the future that awaits them. 

4. Helps with Social Play

Your children will go far in life if they learn how to deal with other people. Consider that one of the best benefits of playing with cars and trucks is the early development of social skills. 

Kids love playing with other children. If they’re around siblings or friends who also have their toy car or truck to play with, then your kid will learn what it means to compete, share, and negotiate. 

They’ll negotiate when it comes time to decide who gets the yellow car and who gets the blue truck. Deciding on this becomes the art of sharing as well. You’ll see your kids cry because they might not get the colour or type of vehicle they wanted at first. Eventually, they come to realize that everyone gets a turn during this new concept called sharing. 

Don’t forget about healthy competition! Watch as your children race their toy cars and trucks with others and try to win the race. 

Encourage the act of competing. Let them experience the thrill of winning or the feelings of defeat. This helps them learn how each result feels. They’ll build upon those experiences and eventually work hard to get good marks, for instance, so they can feel that thrill of winning at something. 

If you help your children learn positive social skills by playing and feeling good while learning, then you’re giving them a meaningful gift. Building these skills will allow your kids to get along with others, raise their confidence and advance in their eventual careers. 

5. Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills

Dexterity in their hands becomes an important skill that results from playing with cars and trucks. Your children will also develop improvements in their hand-eye coordination skills. 

It’s important to help your kids develop these types of fine motor skills to become good at sports or music as they grow older. Working on these skills at an early age means your children will eventually become good at playing the guitar or using a screwdriver while building something with their hands.


Hopefully, you now understand the benefits of playing with ride on cars and trucks. Don’t take these benefits lightly. Focus on using toy vehicles to keep your kids firmly in the physical realm. 

You’ll set them up for great overall life success in the process. Few things in life are as rewarding as watching your child have fun while learning how to become a productive person.

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